The Doosan infracore North America Company are launched three new model of DX35-5, DX42-5 and DX50-5 with the 3.5, 4, and 5 ton capacity. The Doosan machine has working high performing, productive, and reliable performance.

The Doosan DX35-5, DX42-5 and DX50-5 mini excavators will be including heat and air conditioning, or an open canopy configuration. Both the configurations allow for all-around visibility, especially to the excavator’s attachment.

Vendor is choosing standard arm and long-arm option. The long arm gives to operates more than the dig depth and reach machine productivity. The entire three model blades are standard quality. And angle type blade used factory options. An angle blade operator for easily mini excavator backfill tasks efficiently.

Attachment offering for the mini excavators

Those three new Doosan usual mini excavators can be furnished with a speedy coupler, basin and thumb connection bundle.

The Speedy couplers enable smaller than usual excavator administrators to effortlessly change connections to coordinate the digging errand to the ideal container width, limiting over-burrowing. A thumb is a famous connection to use with a can to adequately snatch, lift and spot things.

Administrators approach 65 to 75 liters for every moment of helper pressure driven stream, contingent upon the model, to give capacity to different connections, for example, twist drills, breakers and plate compactors.

DX35-5 Excavator Specification

The new model is DX35-5 mini excavator available for 3 ton capacity. Which have to use for ideal machine for operating site and working object. The track roller machine over- the –side digging capacity, exceptional smooth, comfortable ride.

  • Horsepower: 33.5 hp
  • Operating weight: 3,588 kg
  • Bucket breakout force: 6,968 foot pounds
  • Maximum dig depth :3.12 meters
  • Width: 1.75 meters
  • Tail swing overhang: zero

DX42-5 Excavator  Specification

The ordinary tail swing, Tier IV-consistent DX42-5 has solid container breakout power, dig profundity and reach in a very flexibility excavator in the 4-to 5-ton class. Its generally thin width for a machine in its group gives administrators more noteworthy capacity to explore through entryways, doors and different deterrents.

  • Horsepower: 42.7 hp
  • Operating weight: 4,194 kg
  • Bucket breakout force: 9,183 foot pounds
  • Maximum dig depth 3.2 meters
  • Width: 1.75 meters
  • Tail swing overhang: 43 cm

DX50-5 Excavator Specification

The DX50-5 excavator has 4- to 5-ton size class, Tier IV-compliant DX50-5 enables customers to operate in tight spaces with superior digging performance. It is a minimal tail swing excavator with less than one inch of tail overhang.

  • Horsepower: 49.8 hp
  • Operating weight: 4,843 kg
  • Bucket breakout force: 8,977 foot pounds
  • Maximum dig depth :3.53 meters
  • Width: 1.96 meters
  • Tail swing overhang: 1.5 cm

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