Tata Hitachi brand is one of the well known in the Heavy construction equipment industry. We will give you the whole review about Tata Hitachi’s newly launched model TATA Hitachi Shinrai BX80 backhoe loader in India. We will tell you the tata Hitachi Shinrai on-road price of a backhoe loader.   First, let me give you some detail about Tata Hitachi along with that we update you regarding Tata Hitachi Shinrai vs JCB.

Tata manufacturing construction equipment servicing to the nation for 5 decades. The company leading the excavator market in India. In 1961 the company made the first excavator 955. In 1965 company launched the first Tata 320 Crane in 1971.

In 1984 the company has done the Technical collaboration with Hitachi Construction machinery one of the Japanese companies. In 2000 both companies came as a joint venture in that 80% stake held by the Telco and 20 % stake held by the Hitachi Construction Machinery. In 2005 Again new Joint Venture has done in that Hitachi and Tata Motors sign for 60:40 Stake.

The company has there plants in Dharwad, Kharagpur and Jamshedpur. Jamshedpur is there one of the oldest plants.

The company has launched two backhoe loaders earlier into the market before TATA Hitachi Shinrai launching but they were not gone a success as they expected. Earlier both of this Model TATA JD 315 and TATA TH 76 many customers tried out but the new customer does not get a positive review from the earlier one. 

About TATA Hitachi Shinari BX80 Backhoe loader

This time company tried to make it a successful model. Earlier they have the intension of making the market competitive price machine.  This time they combined all heavy spare parts and not bother about the price. There focus on the product so that they put the name Shinari in Japanese it means to trust.

All backhoe loaders made with the same technology or more or less the same kind of spare used but factor affecting is the brand, spare parts availability, dealer effort, the customers who already used their reviews are more important to make it a success.

The Company launched this backhoe in 2019 Bangalore EXCON. The company used first time 80 HP Cummins engine. More stable and strengthen backhoe given as compare to any other backhoe in India. This time company completely focuses on quality but the success of the product totally depends on the sales figure.

It tough for them to complete with JCB at a higher price compared to 3dx.

Tata Hitachi Shinrai Backhoe Loader BX80 Price

TATA Hitachi Shinrai BX80 Backhoe Loader on Road price 27,50,000 lakh including GST. price does not include the RTO & Registration Exp. & one Year Insurance
Tata Hitachi Shinrai backhoe loader price

TATA Hitachi Shinarai Vs JCB Technical Specification

SpecificationTATA Hitachi Shinari 2020 ModelJCB 3dx 2020 Model
Engine Cummins, B3.980C30,
Turbo Charged, Inter-cooled/80 HP @2200RPM
JCB 448, naturally aspirated, 4 cylinder, water cooled,
Diesel Engine, 56 kW (76 mhp) @ 2200 RPM
Weight7800 KG 7500 KG
Transmission Carraro JCB synchroshuttle transmission
AxleCarraroJCB Max-
Trac torque proportioning differential
Hydraulic Pressure 118 LPM 128 LPM
Fuel Tank 128 litre128 liter
Hydraulic Oil Tank 86 litre 120 liter
Bucket Capacity backhoe 0.26 M.Cub /Loader 1.1 M. Cubbackhoe 0.26 M.Cub /Loader 1.1 M. Cub
Tyre SizeFront :9X16 (16 PR)
Rear: 16.9X28 (12 PR)
Standard Tyre & HD will be available on demand
Front : 9 x 16 – 16 PR
Rear : 16.9 x 28-12 PR
Maximum Digging Depth 15.42 Feet15.08 Feet
Maximum Loading height of loader9 Feet8.12 Fet
TATA Hitachi Vs JCB Backhoe Loader

Tata Hitachi Shinrai vs JCB Review

You can see the above table we have shown the most important things by which your buying decision may affect. Some of the points I will point out that where the Shinrai is leading against JCB 3dx. Here give some depth details about Tata Hitachi Shinrai vs JCB

The First Hydraulic pressure bar is good in Shinrai as compare to 3dx.  Almost 10 LPM difference is there so in Shinrai cylinder hydraulic flow will better. Especially in the breaker machine, it will work very well as compared to 3dx.

The second Hydraulic oil tank is small than the 3dx. So with less oil, Machines give you more power to your machine.   

The engine is one of the leading manufacturers Cummins Shinrai has while JCB has its own brand both have its advantage. From our view, Cummins will more perfect then the JCB Engine. Almost all heavy machines like excavators and other equipment have Cummins engine & Cummins engine have their own service & spare center while in JCB you need to go dealer or purchase aftermarket spare parts.  

Transmission and Axle Carraro used by the TATA Hitachi Shinari one of the leading international manufacturers of transmission while JCB has its own manufacturing material. Carrao is the best compared to the JCB brand. Apart from the JCB, all backhoe manufacturers use the Carraro Axle. Even before 2011 JCB also used Carraro Axle.

Tyre of both machines is the same. Might be a brand is different. That company changes according to OEM supplier even many time the manufacturer has more than one OEM also. So the customer has the option of choice.

Another most important thing weight of Shinrai is 300KG more than normal 3dx. So heavyweight gives the more break out force in digging so here also Shinrai got more points than the JCB 3dx.

We have compared the most valuable thing that impacts your decision. Even many positive things the JCB brand also has. Like JCB has more than 650+ touchpoints while Shinrai has only 230 touchpoints.

Shinrai & JCB Price more and less is the same as both machines. It totally depends on you how you bargain with the dealer. Do you have a fleet of the machine then you may get a discount from the dealer?

JCB will be more resale value as compare to Shinrai in the future when you go for resale in the market because the TATA Machine had a very bad experience in the resale value of JD315 and TH76.

Ultimately TATA Hitachi has made the good machine as compared to JCB but the future will tell how the structure of the machine is. Body Structure also the main important part of the backhoe loader. Whole Maintenance depends on the structure. Shinrai is fresher in age then 3dx. Right now very early to comment about the structure. It gives you the result after 2-3 year.   

Shinrai Interior Images

Tata hitachi Shinrai backhoe image

Shinrai Front desk board will give the Hours and KM details.

Sideboard all lights switches are available, RPM Meter available.

TATA Hitachi Shinrai Video

Tata Hitachi Shinrai Backhoe loader BX80 Video

TATA Shinrai BX80 Backhoe loader Brochure

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