Top 10 largest crane rental companies ranked by their IC Index. As per IC index Mammoet number one crane rental companies worldwide. Company based on the Netherlands. The below list is the number of the crane, number of depots, number of employees, and area of operation.


As per the IC report Mammoet number one company in the largest crane rental companies. Mammoet’s global market is a leader in engineered heavy lift & transport. It is based on the Netherlands and works in 5000 employees. In this wheeled mobile crane 988 available. Mammoet lattice crane 265 available. It is the biggest mobile crane model at PTC 200 DS. Mammoet cranes answer a wide assortment of the present lifting difficulties by combine lifting limit – as much as 5,000 tons – with a long achieve, little impression, adaptable design, and speedy preparation.

largest Crane rental Companies Mammoet
largest Crane rental Companies Mammoet


With the more than 100 elements in 65 countries working without outskirts, we are the perfect ideal partner for little scale to mega-scale projects. We at present employ 4700 experts and determinedly man our customers’ projects with top marketability from over the world. In this wheeled mobile crane 1096 available. sarens lattice crane 435 available. SGC-140 is the largest crane in the world. With a lifting capacity has 3200 at a radius of 50M.


ALE is one of the biggest international heavy transportation and lifting contractors. We have present 2100 employ work in the company. It has to provide 110 mobile wheel crane and 52 lattice crane available. In Ale company specialist’s largest crane capacity at 5000 tons. The main hoist is by strand jacks and it will also have a 2,000-ton winch for lighter loads. Its main boom will be 141.2 meters and a fixed 120 m jib will be available. Now AlE has been acquired by the Mammoet Crane.

ALE Largest Crane Rental Companies
ALE Largest Crane Rental Companies

Maxim Crane Works

At Maxim Crane Works we have one of the largest inventories of crane rental equipment in the world. In this USA company 3500 Employ Work. In this wheeled mobile crane 2650 available. Maxim Crane Works lattice crane 495 available. The new largest equipment 31000 model an innovative self-supporting counterweight. They have 2300 ton capacity.

Lampson International

All the 300 employ well qualified, professional, and prepare for any hard work. Lampson is a mobile crane 69 and lattice crane 389 handle. Lampson LTL 3000 is one of the world’s most versatile Heavy Lift Crawler Cranes. It is 3,000-ton Capacity Front Crawler Produces with the Excellent Stability.

Sanghvi Movers

Sanghvi Movers Limited (SML) is the largest crane rental companies in India, in this company 1725 employ work. The company handling big rental equipment, for example, wheel mobile crane is 312 and lattice crane 298, so any time equipment available. That company’s biggest crane at Demag CC 3800-1. It is a lifting capacity of 650 tons at a radius of twelve meters and a maximum load moment of 9,152 ton-meters.

All Erection & Crane Rental

In this company possess, work, and keep up a transportation fleet of 400+ tractors and 2,000+ trailers, enabling us to give day in and day out administration, and convey our very own cranes to job sites without depending on third-party carriers.

Bigge Crane and Rigging

Bigge for the best all-terrain cranes in the world. In this company terrain cranes with capacities ranging from 120 to 600 tons with Bare Rent options throughout the U.S Operated and Maintained crane rentals throughout California and other locales.

Largest Crane rental Company
Largest Crane rental Company

Buckner Heavy Lift Cranes

Buckner heavy lift crane 200 employs work done. One of the largest crane Liebherr LR-11350/P1800 crawler cranes sits at the head of its class among 1000-plus US ton crane models. The LR-11350 boasts an excellent load capacity is 1815 tone.


Weldex is the largest crawler crane hire company in the UK. More than 100 cranes in our fleet ranging from 5 tons to 1350 tons lifting capacity, with the hydraulic crawler cranes from leading manufacturers such as Liebherr, Demag, and Kobelco.

we listed above the top 10 largest crane rental companies in the World. if you want to add something more add into the comment box. Crane rental business requires heavy investment and technical knowledge compared to any other such kind of business.

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