If you are on this page if I sure you are looking to sell your used equipment or machinery then surely you are on the right page. I will let you know how to get the best price for your old machine when you going to sell in the market.

There are some pro tips that give you a great price against your expectation. Did you know the first problem is with the seller mindset is that I want to sell this machine so why I should care about it? Ya sure you should not but is it give you the best price then you should surely care about your machine or equipment.

There are certain points that need to take care of before going into the market for your second-hand equipment for sale.

One Kid’s old equipment is another kid’s brand new, awesome, awesome equipment.

Get complete document

Get ready all documents before went for sale. The document should be such a way that the buyer can believe that this machine belongs to you. Next, you need to keep ready all permission required for a run that second-hand equipment. Like in Pharma and chemical industry need approval from the local Industrial authority, working condition certificate. Construction and Commercial vehicle required proper insurance and other required documents.

So be ready with the proper documentation related to your machine so the buyer can trust you because perfect document fetches more price compare to uncomplete documentation and approvals.

Be ready with good looking condition

Why I am here telling you good looking condition because for them it’s a new and ugly machine no one likes to buy whether it has the competence to perform its task. So make it in such a way that every look and not say worth to pay that much amount.

The good looking product makes your heart feel good about the product.

Equipment before and after condition
Used Equipment before and after condition

” Your Waste May be Other’s Pleasure. “

Let him know unique features

Many times it happens that the buyer is a first time user so he knows its work, not the features. Let him know the features of the equipment. it makes him impress that OH! it can also do my other related work also that creates more chances to close your deal of used machine and sale at a great price because it also fulfills a different kind of work.

More features attract more price compared to single work competent machines.

Provide trail or demo

One running equipment gives more confidence to the buyer. The machine may belong to any industry but the seller always tries to give the trail. Many times it happens that the buyer not using the machine and dismantle and keep in the godown. Woking machine gives more confidence compared to the dismantle one and fetch more price.

So the buyer mind gets prepare this second-hand machine has tools are available and it in working condition not a scrap one.

Demo and trial to buyer for used equipment
Demo and trial to buyer for used equipment

Compare with other brand and model

You need to sell your old machine like a manufacturer to fetch the best price. You need to work as a company salesperson. you need to let him know all about the model and brand.

You are the already used the machine an aware of its features with other competent products. let him aware of the new user. By this, you can get the best price.

Many times it happens that buyer searching for a specific brand and you let him know that I have this one. If you are using the industry-leading product then you should surely update to him the brand and model. Ask for the best price that even you can sell it any time because of its branded product.

Other offerings

Other offerings surely attract the customer if offered some add that others could not offer. Generally, the machine broker offers free transportation, free warranty, free spare that already have it but you not have in used better to provide its buyer so it fetches the best price.

When you go for sale you old machinery or equipment you should always treat like that you are the salesperson of that equipment.

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