Because the hydraulic rock breaker is fast reciprocating impact movement, the speed of oil return is fast and the relative pulse is large, which results in the acceleration of hydraulic oil aging. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the excavator correctly and use it properly, which can effectively prolong the service life of the hydraulic system.

Use High-Quality Hydraulic Rock breaker (with accumulator)

The poor quality hydraulic rock breaker is prone to problems in design, manufacture, inspection, and other procedure. It is easy to cause excavator damage because of its high failure rate in use.

Appropriate engine speed (medium throttle)

Due to the lower requirement of hydraulic rock breaker on working pressure and oil flow (such as 20-ton excavator, working pressure 170-210KG, oil flow 120-180L/MIN), the medium throttle can work. If the excavator is stepped on, it will not only increase the impact strength but also cause an abnormal temperature rise of hydraulic oil, which will also cause great damage to the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic rock breaker with excavator
Hydraulic rock breaker with excavator

Correct butter posture, frequency, quantity

Make sure to add lubricating grease every 2 hours under the condition of chisel, the grease will enter the cylinder. Abnormal high pressure oil will enter the hydraulic system and damage the hydraulic pump during the striking.

Hydraulic oil flow and pollution

Because the pollution of hydraulic oil is one of the main reasons leading to the failure of hydraulic pumps, it is necessary to confirm the pollution status of hydraulic oil in time, (Replacement of hydraulic oil every 600 hours and replacement of pistil core every 100 Hours) lack of hydraulic oil will cause cavitations phenomenon, resulting in hydraulic pump failure, scratching the piston and cylinder of hydraulic rock breaker, etc.

Recommendation: Check oil level before use.

Replace Oil Seal in Time

The oil seal is a vulnerable part. it is suggested that the oil seal should be replaced once for working 600-800 hours of the hydraulic rock breaker. When the oil seal leaks. It must stop hydraulic breakers working immediately and replace the oil seal. Otherwise, dust will easily enter the hydraulic system and damage the hydraulic system and the hydraulic pump.

Keep the Oil Pipeline Clean

Before installing the hydraulic breaker pipeline, it must be thoroughly cleaned and circularly docked with the inlet and outlet oil pipelines. When replacing the bucket, the hydraulic breaker pipeline must be blocked to keep the pipeline clean. Or, sand and other impurities are easy to damage the hydraulic pump if they enter the hydraulic system.

Preheat the Hydraulic System Before Use

Because use the hydraulic oil of the upper part will flow to the lower part when the hydraulic breaker is parked, it is suggested that small throttle should be used to operate every day when the hydraulic breaker is first used. After the oil film of the piston block of the hydraulic breaker is formed, the medium throttle should be used to operate again, which can operate the excavator hydraulic system.

Install Filter Element

The hydraulic breaker used in demolition is more frequently damaged to the main pump then in mine. When the hydraulic breaker is used for demolition, the dust easily enters the cylinder along with the chisel, which leads to the pollution and rapid aging of hydraulic oil. Therefore, it is suggested to install the filter element in the return oil circuit.

Avoid Blank Firing

Blank firing will not only cause the rise of oil temperature but also make abnormal vibration, which will lead to impurities entering the cylinder, so blank firing is strictly prohibited. It is suggested to choose the anti- blank firing hydraulic breakers.

Unload When Not in Use

When the hydraulic breaker is stored for a long time, the chisel should be unloaded first, and the nitrogen gas in the back head should be released to make the piston top-to-end, so as to prevent the exposed from rusting or scratching and then damage to the main engine pump.  

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