Different location pronounces the different word for the most same material. Like dumper used in Germany and Spain while in the United States, Philippines and Indonesia pronounce it dump truck or truck. Tipper is almost synonyms the name of the dumper.

What is the Difference between tipper and dumper?

Mostly tipper considers as a city vehicle to load and unload the material from one location to another. It may be any kind of material whether it used for the construction site, garbage collection, and used for aftermarket material movement. While dumper mainly used in the mining area it has the more capacity compared to the tipper and mostly consists more material then the tipper or you may also call it Earthing truck.

If you own or looking to buy a new dump truck or tipper and you are new in this field. You always might want to know which things need to consider before buying the truck and dumper.  We will here let you know the about most important part of the dump truck based on that your dumper life and performance will depend.

There are many brands that are available in the market. You may be confused that which one to buy or not because many factors affect your decision. We will let you know one by one here below.   


Capacity is the one the foremost important factor that lets you decide which one according to your use. So be clear with what the uses of dump truck or tipper. So you will narrow down your choice before coming to any decision.

You want to use for mining purposes or some city local use. Because capacity decides how heavy or strengthens one dumper you need. You find the 750 K.G to 250 Ton dump truck capacity in the market. Mining dump truck start with the 50 ton and goes up to the 250 ton While small city truck maybe around 10-ton capacity.-


Power or you can say performance required to do your task. The dumper truck got the power from the engine. So you need to check the brand of engine, power of the engine. How much HP power and torque engine generate.

Engine performance is the main point that needs to consider in a dump truck before buying. A small truck generates 125 HP power and a bigger dump truck generates the 1950 HP Power in the dump truck.    


Transmission is another factor that you need to consider before buy. Right now different types of transmission are available in the market. Some of them are automated manual, planetary gear automatic. PGA generally used in heavy vehicles.   

The transmission was developed in order to adjust the gear ratio that exists between the vehicle engines and wheels to change when slowing and speeding the truck. Gear has to be shifted in order to avoid the overworking of engine, but it also maintains RPM for performance.


 The suspension is the fourth important thing that you need to check before dealing with a truck, tipper, and dump truck. All companies or we can say different brands, fix the suspension according to the type of work dump truck need to do.

Basically there are two types of suspension springs and shock absorbers. So check which suspension best for your tipper.

Operating Cost:

Operating costs another factor that needs to check before having any decision related to the new buyer and used buyer of the tipper. Operating costs include fuel cost, regular maintenance, yearly expenses, operator expense.

Many small tippers don’t require the cleaner or helper. In the same way, a mining dumper requires a single driver. The long route require the two drivers or cleaner.

Dump Truck-Operating-Costs
Dump Truck-Operating-Costs

Mileage is another major part of operating costs. Fuel costs need to identify that what cost incur in a particular segment in which you running your vehicle. Because all segment truck has different fuel consumption capacity. Find the best one in your segment.   

As we mention the top 5 points that everyone should consider before finalizing any dumper truck or you want to have it for a specific reason. You should always check these 5 factors that decide your work, cost, and of course types of the dump trucks, you need it.       

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