The wheelbarrow is one of the ancient time product that kind of same product used in history by humans. Still, it’s one of the most used products for loose material movement. You can also consider wheelbarrow trolley as material handling equipment in India. You can check the best price of the wheelbarrow below.  

What is Wheelbarrow?

A wheelbarrow means is the light equipment lorry used for material movement with hand. It has the one wheel designed to push by a single person using two handles in the rear side. The term made with two words “Wheel” and “Barrow”. Barrow is the English derivation of “bearwe” which was a device used for carrying the loads.

Uses of Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is used for common purposes. It does not define that Wheelbarrow is only used in a specific sector or purpose. It’s multipurpose material handling lorry for loose and packed material.

Construction/Civil Purpose

Gardening use

Industrial Purpose

Garbage Carry

Logistic Industries

It decreases the labor-intensive work and gives the optimum resault required . Wherever you face the problem of labour you can have the wheelbarrow.  You may find the many manufacturers wheelbarrows in the market those are manual one.

Company introduces with the EV (Electric/Power Wheelbarrow) that one of the most demanding products in the present scenario.

You can see the below image and details of the wheelbarrow. You will find the 2 variants.

Wheelbarrow with 180 KG Load Capacity EV-180

180 KG Wheelbarrow Images
180 KG Wheelbarrow Images

This above wheelbarrow clears you that it is electric or power wheelbarrow one of the most demanding product worldwide. The first variant picks the 180 KG Weight any kind of material. It can operate individually without any other person’s support.

It can easily commute in reverse and forward which is the most difficult work to do in a wheelbarrow. It complied with disk breaks that give you more confidence to drive it. Other does not have any such kind of facility in wheelbarrows.

Battery On Board, 3 Stage, 2A
Dumping Foot Pedal Actuated
Maximum Gradient 15 Degree
Speed3-5 KM/Hour
Battery Working Time 8 Hours
DimensionsH 950mm X L1280mm X W850mm
Specification of Material Handling Lorry

Above Specification will clear you the machine details. You can walk with a wheelbarrow on the gradient surface. Once the charge has done will work for the whole one shift. Why Speed is so low? It kept and compared with the man walking speed.

Wheel and Barrow dimensions give you the briefer will it suits your premises or not. Yes, of course why the foot pedal is here it just to unload the bucket from the bucket. Its something very innovative and interesting with just using a little bit manpower anyone can unload the material from the wheelbarrow.

Check more wheelbarrow images of 180 KG.

Electric WheelBarrow 400 KG Capacity EV400

This wheelbarrow is very efficient as compared to the manpower or normal wheelbarrow because it picks almost 8 times so if you put the labour to do the task which going to take 8 hours. That Wheelbarrow EV-400 finishes in one hour only.

It really the best product that has regular material movement in industrial or construction premises. It also uses green energy which everyone pushes or wants to use it for the betterment of the environment.

400 KG Wheelbarrow Image
400 KG Wheelbarrow Image and price

Wheelbarrow 400 KG capacity comes with 2 front tyre that gives you more stability as compared to 3 wheels one. 400 KG EV400 also comes with the foot pedal as same in EV180. I think a foot pedal is one of the most convenient and best ways to dump material without any extra effort and power can be performed.

EV400 has the electromagnetic breaks that performed better and gives more control over the material handling trolley.

Battery Charger ON Board, 3 Stage, 10 A
DumpingPower-assisted foot pedal actuated
Maximum Gradient 15 Degree
Speed 3-5 KM/Hour
Battery Working Time 8 Hours
Dimensions H 925mm X L 1690mm X W 920mm
EV 400 Wheel Barrow Specification

Wheelbarrow Price in India

EV 180 Wheelbarrow Price = 1,24,520/- Including 18% GST

EV 400 Wheelbarrow Price = 1,87,945/- Including 18% GST

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