Material Handling Equipment, it’s very broad in terms. You never are clear just customers asking for material handling equipment. You need to be clear their requirement about a product, needs, budgets. There are more than 10,000 good qualities Material Handling Equipment manufacturing companies are worldwide. We will let you know about the material handling equipment manufacturers.

If you are searching for a Material handling Equipment Manufacturers then you need to be more precise about your search. What kind of material handling equipment you are looking for.

Material Handling Equipment (MHE) is mechanical equipment used for movement, process, storage, protection of material throughout the whole manufacturing process to till disposal. It used in manufacturing plants, distribution, warehouses, processes, and disposal.

Handling includes lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, carrying, or restraining. This all work can be done manually also but it takes more costing, timing consuming, cause safety. So always go with material handling equipment that will benefit you in every manner.

In short, material handling involves short-distance movement of material within premises or confines area.

So we will start with the kind of equipment available in the market for different kinds of work that can easily be done. Also, we will let to know about the list of the material handling equipment manufacturers are available with the kind of product in your near area.

EOT Crane & Manufacturers

EOT Crane is one of the materials handling equipment used for lift the heavy material in limited premises for different uses.

EOT Crane full mean is Electric overhead traveling crane. It’s a common kind of crane also called the bridge crane. It operates by the control pendant through electrically and equipped with the capacity to lower or raise heavy loads in addition to traveling in both directions. Apart from the EOT crane non-regular heavy material can be lift by the truck mounted crane for that you need the open premises. 

EOT Material handling Crane
EOT Material handling Crane Material handling Equipment Manufacturers

We will introduce with EOT crane Manufacturers are there and they provide the best EOT in Crane in there segment.

1. Electromech

Electromach manufacturing different types of crane and leading the EOT crane market. Company manufacturer overhead traveling crane, double grinder crane, under a slung crane, wall traveling crane, and single girder crane.  

Apart from the EOT crane electromech also the distributor for the Yale forklift material handling equipment in India.  

2. Loadmate

Loadmate is another manufacturer of EOT crane that produces the Material handling equipment in India. Loadmate is brand and the manufacturer is the RMS Industries based in Surat Gujarat. Loadmate also manufacturer the Electric Chain Hoist, manual chain pulley block, Electric wire rope hoist, HOT Crane, Gantry Crane, JIB Crane, and Goliath Crane.

3. Demag

Demag Crane is the international brand in EOT MHE product but its product is costly as compared to an Indian manufacturer. Demag manufacturer Process Crane, Universal Crane, Rope Hoist, Chain Hoist, KBK light Crane system. You may also have it if any of the equipment full fill your need. 

4. Venus Engineers

Venus Engineers is the Rajasthan based overhead crane manufacturer. Like any other company this company also produce almost all kind of EOT crane. The company specializes in hydropower project crane.  You may also connect for them for the best Quote.

Forklift Manufacturers

Forklifts also count in the material handling equipment segment even other construction equipment also consider as the material handling equipment like loader and tower crane, The loader also works to handle the material from one location to another location that used into the construction sites and loose material purpose.

While forklift uses inside of the warehouse with different kinds of attachment. The forklift can handle the loose as well as packed material. You attach the attachment for better results like bucket attachment, paper clamp attachment, fork attachment, Jib attachment.

Forklift Material Handling Equipment
Forklift Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers

We let you know about the 3 best forklift manufacturers.

1. Toyota

Toyota is a worldwide leader in a forklift on 2nd position. It provides a very good quality product in India at a competitive price as compared to any other brand. If you want to buy for your own factory none of the other brands can be better than this.

2. Voltas

After Toyota you can consider the Voltas Company provide forklift along with some more material handling equipment. The company provides the diesel as well as the electric forklift. You may buy according to your budget and requirements.

3. Godrej

Godrej is on the 6th position in forklift manufacturing worldwide.  Godrej has many international tie-ups for material handling equipment like Komatsu, Crown, and Hubtex for side loaders so you may also consider it. The company also specializes in industrial floor cleaning equipment.

Goods Lift, Access Platform, Telehandler and Scissor lift

Goods lift and Scissor lift also used for the material handling purpose. A good lift is a kind of elevator used to carry the material through a vertical shaft in order to move material from one floor to another in a building.

While in Scissor lift a surface or lowered by the closing and opening of crossed pivoted like the halves of a pair of scissors. This used for stacking the material for heightened area. It can be operated with gas as well as an electrical platform. Scissor lifts are mobile while goods lift is fixed in one position.

Access Platform Equipment
Access Platform Material handling Equipment Manufacturers

Manufacturer of goods lift, access platform, telehandler, and scissor lift:

1. Terex Genie

Terex is an international company that provides a different kind of crane and supplied it worldwide and Genie is another brand of Terex Corporation that provides Material handling equipment like Scissor lifts, Telehandler attachment, material lifts, light towers.

Genie manufacturer Scissor lift 2 ton to 5 ton and 6-meter height to greater than 10-meter height.

2. Palfinger  

Palfinger is the international brand for truck-mounted loader crane. Company service available more than 50 countries and supplies the loader crane, Access platform, Scissor lifts, passenger lifts and railway mounted lifts, bridge inspection units, tail lifts, and Crawler crane.  In India also Crawler crane service available you may connect with them for their service and products.  

3. JLG

John L Grove started the company since 1969. JLG manufactures the Engine powered lifts, Electric & Hybrid boom lifts, Stock pickers, vertical lifts, Scissor lift, telehandler, and Towable boom lifts, Drop deck trailers. JLG has made the unique name in the material handling platform industry in over the world.

4. Haulotte

Haulotte is the leading global manufacturer and distributor of Aerial work platforms and telehandlers. Haulotte manufacturers the scissor lift, articulated booms, telescopic booms, lightweight self-propelled booms, trailer mounted booms, and telehandler.

Pallet Truck, Reach Stacker, platform & Trolley

Pallet truck and trolley is a vehicle device for lifting and carrying material on pallets. This Equipment used for low-level lifting and moving pallets is known as a powered pallet jack. These pallets and trolley are available with a manual, hydraulic, and electric version.  

This is the most common & cheapest material movement equipment used for material movement inside the factory or warehouse premises. This equipment can be used only for limited material movement.

Hand Pallet Material handling Equipment
Hand Pallet Material handling Equipment Manufacturers

There many small and branded companies are in the market manufacturer the pallet truck and trolley. We will list some of the branded producers

1. Godrej

Godrej manufacturer the hydraulic pallet truck starting from 2 ton to 2.5 tonnes. A powered pallet that is battery operated available in 1.5 ton to 2 ton. It’s easily available in the market. Even you can purchase it online websites like Amazon, eBay and

2. Nilkamal        

Nilkamal is the renowned name in plastic product manufacturing. Along with the other material company also manufactures the material handling material. Like Forklift, hand pallet truck, electric pallet truck, reach truck, manual stacker. None of the companies provide a semi-stainless steel pallet while the company provides it.

3. Josts

Josts is a multinational company and it serves the engineering product as well as material handling. In 1980 the company has done a technical collaboration for material handling products with Jungheinrich. Josts also manufacturer all kind of material handling machines in Thane and Pune plant Near Mumbai in India. Company manufacturer the more than 150 kinds of equipment and supplied almost all kind of industry.   

Racking and Storage Equipment

Pallet racking systems are material handling solutions designed to store inventory, products, and materials. This solution used for utilizing vertical space for material storage within the factory.

There are international manufacturer provides the racking and storage equipment.

Racking Material handling System
Racking Statem Material handling Equipment Manufacturers

1. Montel

Company established in 1924, Montel is the pioneer in high-density mobile storage solution systems with minimum space. It has established the dealer network all over the world. Montel provides the solution in more than 72 countries.  The company serves the customer through its dealer network throughout America, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and Asian countries.

The company produce mobile vertical race solution, Shelving system, Storage cabinet, Workbenches, Art Rack and screen, Mobile Storage system.  

2. Jungheinrich

Jungheinrich is an international brand for material handling specializes in forklift but along with material handling Equipment Company started the race and storage service to their customer worldwide. The company provides the loading, unloading, transport, and warehousing, automation process.

The company provides a comprehensive range of racking, storage solutions, mezzanines, and self-supporting stores, pallets, containers, and trays to box long goods.

3. Frazier

Frazier is the storage solution providing company. The company targeted industry is food, refrigerated warehousing, retail, Whole sellers, E-commerce companies. Frazier is the leading producer of structural steel pallet rack system with the most production capacity

The company took the warehouse to the next level with the automation ASRS System. Automation not only makes your staff efficient it also provides the maximum output.

Conveyor System (Material handling Equipment Manufacturers)

A conveyor system is the mechanical way to handle the material on conveyor in plant and manufacturing hub.

The conveyor is used to move materials over the fixed path for a set of fixed processes. The major types are dilute types phase pneumatic conveyor, carrier system pneumatic conveyor, vertical conveyor.

Conveyor Automation System Material handling
Conveyor Automation System Material handling Material handling Equipment Manufacturers

Some of the service provider of conveyor system:

1. Titan Conveyors

Titan Conveyors is the American group company that provides the conveyors’ automation solution. The company already served food, automobile, Pharma, chemical, food processing companies with their conveyors’ system.

Titan Conveyors have been performing in the most demanding environment from the last 3 decades. Titan offers the rubber, slat, wire mesh, chain belt and roller conveyors for bulk handling and unit handling in any kind of environment. They are available for horizontal and vertical material movement. Titan has provided many solutions according to conveyor demanding solutions.     

2. MODU Conveyor

Modu Conveyor is the Europe based company provide a different kind of conveyors to different kind of needs. The company produces the Aluminium Conveyors, Stainless Steel Conveyors, matTop Conveyors, Gripper conveyor system, Accumulation conveyor.  

The company exports the conveyor in Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, China, Egypt, Ghana, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, UK, the USA, Vietnam, etc.

This all about the Material handling Equipment Manufacturers provides different types of material handling equipment available in the market. You may choose according to your need.    

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