Here we talk about the crane. There are many cranes are available in the market but all have their own kind of working style, capacity, design, and of course type. Farana one of the latest design crane used for low capacity material pick and move.

Farana also called the pick and carry. So clear the whole thing about the farana. Farana is one of the most sold material handling equipment after forklift and in the crane segment, it holds the first position.    

What is the farana Crane/ Pick and Carry Crane?

Farana is the kind of telescopic crane that can pick the material from one place to another that other crane can’t do easily. Many place hydra crane is used for the material lifting but now days just for the safety concern companies are changing their demand from hydra to farana.

Farana capacity range starts from 15 ton and goes up to the 30 ton. Different companies produce different models with different capacities.

Who are the manufacturer of farana Crane/Pick and Carry Crane?

Some of the leading brands in farana manufacturers are TIL, Terex, ACE, Escort, Indo Power, and Groves. ACE, Escort, Indo Power companies are already into the hydra manufacturing business while Terex, TIL, and Groves only manufacturer pick and carry.

All Hydra Crane manufacturing-focused diverted from hydra to Farana because farana gives more stability and demanding product right now in the market.  Later in the same article, we will brief the farana manufacturers. Which model and capacity pick and crane they are manufacturing?    

What is the difference between the hydra and farana?

Difference pointsHydra CraneFarana Crane(Pick and Carry)
CapacityHydra start from 9 ton to end 21 TonFarana Start from the 15 ton capacity and goes up to the 30 ton.
PricingHydra Crane much cheaper compared to the farana craneFarana is costlier than the hydra crane.
SafetyHydra crane unstable compared to the farana craneWhile Farana crane more stable than Hydra crane due to the 2W and 4W drive varieties, load balance, Equipment Structure.
Designit available in 2 wheel driveWhile it available in both variant in 2 wheel drive as well 4 wheel drive.
Hydra Vs Farana/Pick and Carry

 What are the benefits of farana crane?

Farana crane has more advantages compared to hydra so that users as well as the rental companies are moving for farana and leaving the hydra crane. Farana gives more stability than the hydra crane. It’s a low maintenance crane as compared to any other crane. Farana crane can operate by the one operator and one helper.

Farana gets more rental business than any other crane due to reasons that are there as mention above.

What is the use of farana crane?

Farana can cater to the material handling equipment industry because the crane segment also one of the parts of the material handling equipment industry.

The main use or you can say the benefit of farana crane is the moving part. No crane can carry and move material from one place to another location. While it can pick and carry so that many of us also told it Pick and carry.

Farana Crane price of 15 Ton in India

The most running product in farana segment is the 15-ton capacity farana in the market because it replaces the hydra and minimum or you can say starting range of weight lifting capacity farana is the 15 ton.

Almost all manufacturing companies produce the 15-ton farana crane. So you can compare their features with other manufacturers.

15 Ton Pick and carry available in 2W and 4W drive both price will be different.

2W Drive with 50 feet boom = Around 18, 00,000 lakh

2W Drive with 50 feet boom = Around 24, 00,000 Lakh

Farana Crane Manufacturer and Supplier

As we were already given the detail above regarding the manufacturers are in the market. We list some of them and brief you about the companies and standard facilities they provide you.

Escort Farana/Pick and Carry Crane

Escort is one of the pioneers of farana crane manufacturing and also lead the market by F15 Crane.

The company into the Railway, Construction, and Agriculture equipment manufacturing business. The company produce crane from 12 ton to 23 ton.  Some of models are: TRX15, F-15, F-20, F-17, CT Smart -15, TRC1250, TRX 1550 and TRX 2319.

Farana Cranes and pick and carry crane
Farana Cranes and pick and carry crane

ACE Construction Farana/Pick and Carry

Action construction equipment leading manufacturer of hydra crane and also produce the farana crane/ Pick and carry crane. Action construction produces some of the most advanced feature farana cranes from 9 tons to 25 tons.

The company produces 2W, 4W drive, 360-degree movable farana crane with attachments.

The most running product is NX360, 15 ton, 23 Ton Crane.

Farana Crane
Farana Crane

Tractor India Farana/Pick and Carry

Tractors India is also known as the TIL. The company has done the tie-up with the many international companies for crane and other material handling machine like Grove, Hyster, and Manitowoc.

Company provide only 2 kind of pick and carry crane. In 10 ton in 13 meters and 15 ton 17 meters. Models are PIXEF 215, MOBILOAD 315.   

This is all about the Farana crane/Pick and Carry. Please let us know if need something more about farana crane.

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