Heavy construction equipment is used for several distinct purposes in the construction vehicles Industry. Determination of various kinds of Construction Equipment relies upon the measure of the work and economy of the undertaking. These make the development process simpler and quicker. Heavy Equipment may be from other industries also but we will talk about the heavy Construction equipment used in Industry.

Types of Earthmoving & Construction Equipment

Heavy machinery, Construction Vehicles, and Earthmoving equipment use based differentiating categorized as follows you may find the Construction equipment list.

Construction Equipment:

Heavy Equipment is mostly used for heavy-duty machines; especially it’s used for high construction sites and uses frequently to work.

1. Backhoe Loader:

Backhoe Loader one of the types of earthmoving equipment. They have work on multipurpose work. Its machine also name is a loading backhoe. It is a machine like a tractor fitted on a bucket with the loader style on the front hoe on the backside. JCB is the leading brand in India. JCB Price is one of the main reasons for the company gets the first position in India.  

Backhoe Loader
Backhoe Loader as construction vehicles

2. Excavator:

Excavators are mostly used in the construction industry. These machines have very simple but its work on many purposes as heavy lifting, cutting of trees and demolition, etc. Excavator work on a long digging bucket with the provide machine operator cabinet. Excavator cabinet rotating is 360 direction which can work on very easily.


3. Wheel Loader:

The Wheel Loader Other Name is a front end loader or bucket loader. It is mostly used for a construction site, mining area, and loading/unloading heavy lifting material at one place to another place.

Wheel Loader
Wheel Loader

4. Soil compactor:

Soil compactor is only used for earth surface. In This Case different types of compactor used for different ways at smooth wheel loader, sheep – foot roller, and Pneumatic tire rollers. Different Soil compactor is available in the construction equipment Industry. Single Drum and double drum. Heavy

Soil Compactor
Heavy Equipment Soil Compactor

5. Motor Grader:

A  Motor grader, also commonly used for a road grader. Motor Graders are used for the construction & mining sites. It is a heavy Equipment uses with a long blade to the flat surface during the grading process. Mainly used in mining and road construction areas.

Motor Grader
Motor Grader Construction Vehicles

6. Dozer

The Dozer is a fitted with a considerable metal plate used to push substantial amounts of soil, sand, rubble, or other such material amid development or change work and normally furnished at the back with a paw-like gadget to extricate thickly compacted materials.

7. Rock Breaker:

A rock breaker machine is normally used for the mining industry to remove the oversize material to reduce the lower size of crusher.

Concrete Equipment:

The concrete machine also considers as Construction equipment in the Industry. You may check the below details of the concrete machine used in infrastructure. 

8. Transit Mixer:

The Transit Mixer Equipment is used for transporting ready mix well concrete material with water and a concrete batching plant can be directly used on construction site.

9. Concrete Pumps:

The Concrete Pump equipment is transferring concrete material at the liquid type of concrete sites. Concrete Pump is used at two types is first one truck-mounted or second trailer mounted.

10. Concrete Batching plant:

A concrete batching plant is one of the most important parts of concrete types. In batching plant proper mixing at the sand, gravel, water, and cement, and then transported off the construction site.

11. Paver:

An asphalt paver is used for road construction. With the paver is continuously feeding paver and loaded dump truck, with the use road surface at the slight compactions.

Material Handling:

12. Forklift:

Forklifts are used to Industrial truck lift and move at under various materials over a short distance. The forklift has multiple uses with the different types forklift attachment 

13. Telescopic Handler:

The Telescopic Handler also called a telehandler, boom lift, uses at maximum agriculture and industry. It is Lift heavy material up to height or construction site at grater height also.

14. Tower Crane:

Tower crane is a fixed crane in construction at uses only tall structures. Heavy material as a pre-stresses, steel trusses, etc can be easily lifted on construction sites.

15. Pick N Carry:

The Pick and Carry Cranes (Hydra Crane)are widely used for construction and industry. These machines are used for material loading, unloading, and shifting from one place to another in limited areas.

Truck And Trailer:

16. Truck:

The Heavy Truck Has an Operating Weight around 15000 kg or more. Technically say a vehicle that carries the load weight, without a trailer is known as a truck.  The truck uses a large number of goods transferring in road site vehicles.

17. Trailer:

A trailer truck is the adding of a tractor unit and one or more trailers to carry. A trailer attaches to the tractor with a fifth-wheel coupling, with much of its weight borne by the tractor.

18. Dumper & Tipper:

The Dumper Truck is maximumly used in the mining site because a huge wheel space and another construction site for larger quantities with high weight material move on one place to another place. In the industry various dumper size available. Dumper used in construction equipment size is considered into the construction equipment dumper. Rest mining one consider as heavy equipment.

19. Haul Dumper 

Haul Dumper Used in generally mining areas where major work needs to accomplish in a very short span of time. many of the manufacturer’s special design haul dumpers produce. CAT and Komatsu are the leaders in this segment. You can really say this is Construction Equipment.   

These are all 19 Heavy Equipment used in construction in-process of creating infrastructure. 

Heavy Equipment
Heavy Construction Equipment

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