There are many tools used as a cutter. Cutter can be big and small depend upon the kind of material you want to cut it but normally everyone wants to have such kind cutter that can be used in multiple works especially it should be a small hand cutter.

We will introduce some of the most used cutting tools or you can say easily workable for multiple kinds of work.

“Hand cutter means the cutting tools that are used to remove some material from the workpiece.” Hand cutters mostly used for household working and construction sites. There are multiple kinds of cutter tools available in the market and all cut different materials.

Here we reverse the point, which means we point out cutter machine according to kind of work not the type of cutter. Because everyone wants to know which cutter can be used for the specific material cutting?

Wood Hand Cutter Machine

Name itself suggests that it cut the wood but there are multiple varieties and lots of brands woodcutter available. Handmade woodcutter (saw), electric woodcutter. Woodcutters are available in Hand Saw, Power Saw, Chain Saw, Router, and lathe type wood cutter machine.

Generally, there is no use of woodcutters in household tools but it mostly used by woodworking professionals.

Bolt Hand Cutter Machine

There is different kind or size available in the market. Bolt cutter also called bolt copper. Bolt cutter used to cut the chain, bolts, padlocks, and thin steel wire. Bolt cutter available in different sizes. As heavy material, you required to cut buy a bigger bolt cutter. Bolt cutter also is one of the hand cutter tools.

Bolt cutter also can be used in the electric industry just to cut the wire but that bolt cutter made with the fiberglass handles.

Bolt Cutter Image
Bolt Cutter Image

Wire Hand Cutter/Cable Cutter/Side Cutter

Wirecutter and cable cutter or side cutter are the synonyms of each other. According to location and area wise people use to name it as per their use. You can consider wire cutter as a hand cutter tool.

Wire Cutter used to cut the wire. This cutter can also consider household tools but its also very effective use in an electrical wire. Wire Cutter used in the electrical industry; at the time of construction in house, wiring required this wire cutter.

Wirecutter is like the pair of opposing blade-like scissors so it cut the wire. It used commonly to cut copper, iron, aluminum, and steel wire. Some wire cutter is insulated so that is shocked free.

Electric Wire Cutter Image
Electric Wire Cutter Image

You may find the different design wire cutter but working of wire cutter is same. Some of them have additional features.

Pipe Hand Cutter

Pipe cutter and hand tube cutter are the same and working for the same kind of work. A pipe cutter is also one of the cutters used in the construction industry for the piping fixation. A pipe cutter is the kind of tool used by the plumber. This is also one of the kinds of cutters used for specialized work.

Pipe cutters do not generally use as household tools. You might find the pipe cutter for plastic and steel pipe. The cutter may be available in Steel, Electric, Copper, Plastic material. Costing of all different material changes according to strength and material used to make the pipe cutter.

It does not require any power to run. So we can also consider it as hand cutter.

Grass Hand Cutter

Grass Cutter used for garden, home garden, lawn. You can say grass cutter is the household item. There are multiple grass cutter varieties are available in the market. Electric items, manual scissor kind of cutter, electric rotary lawn motor, String trimmer. Frame wheel cutter.

Grass Cutting Machine also called the lawnmower. First lawnmower is invented by Edwin budding in 1830 in thrupp from England.  

Stone hand Cutter

Stone hand cutter used to cut the different stones at the construction of flooring. The stone hand cutter machine has the blade that blade cut the stone according to the design and shape you required.

Stone cutter machine not usually you will found in the house hold use. It generally kept by the stone finisher man.

Same stone cutter machine can be used as a wood cutter also. You just need to change blade of cutter machine.            

Stone Hand Cutter image
Stone Hand Cutter image

Aluminium Cutter

The aluminum cutter is one the cutter that requires special design and specification that cut the aluminum bar for building the fabrication and other kinds of work.

Aluminium not only used in construction but it also used industrial, fabrication, mould material and other construction industry work.

The aluminium cutter can be used only by electricity. This manual hand cutter available but that does not give you the right shape. You need the power to perform this cutter.   

Hand Concrete Cutter

Concrete used to cut concrete in the construction industry. There is no manual concrete hand cutter. You need to use the power to cut the Concrete. Yes, you may find the different design concrete cutters according to design and price.

Two kinds of concrete cutters available in the market. Electric hand cutter and Walk-behind concrete cutter.

You will find the varieties of brand and price according to the features and quality of the product.

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