Construction equipment or Heavy Equipment selection is difficult just because of the main only reason costing of the machine. A small amount of investment does not require much attention. While you are doing investment with the bigger amount you need to focus on that investment in need to check all angles of that. The advantages and disadvantages of equipment will clear you what exactly steps you need to take.

We will point out all factors which really matter your decision making in the purchase decision.

1. Requirement of Equipment

Really you required that equipment or you can get it done your work without that equipment also because many time company or individual do the investment that not even necessary. It commonly happens that for certain single work you buy that equipment due to the nonavailability of equipment in the market on a rental basis. So be sure that without that machine can you get done your work.   

2. Operating Cost of Equipment

Before you make a decision check the operating cost of equipment. Elephant feeding cost is higher than the buying cost. If the Operating cost of the machine higher than the investment please check the ROI.

Operating Cost includes transportation, labour costs, Electricity Cost, Fuel Consumption, Operator cost need to check in excel what is per month, or yearly costing. Do you get the real benefit of what you are looking for?

3. Owning Cost

Owning cost is different than the operating cost. Owning costs consider buying costs. An investment made on the purchase of machinery. Owing cost includes the EMI Costing, Financier yearly fees, purchase price. You need to check both costing operating + owning. Does both these cost allow you to buy machinery?

4. Suitable for Construction Project

Does your investment suitable to project for what you are making an investment. The wrong decision puts you in the problem. As you require the EOT crane but made the decision buy of a tower crane. A wrong decision will make more costing or even not fulfill your requirement. So be sure if don’t have technical knowledge then take the help of consultancy they will help you out to make the right decision.

Don’t take advice from manufacturer sales guys they always guide you in which they have more profit. Try to take help from where you get unbiased help.

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5. Labour Consideration

Does your investment impact on labour? If so take decision wisely calculate the investment costing against the labour costing. Check the Union reaction also it might happen that one machine investment lay off all the labour from the company. So the decision should be such that everyone happy and even its favour to the company also.

6. Selection of Machinery

The selection of machinery is another factor needs to check very seriously. The machine should be advanced technology-enabled. Give you more productive results at minimum operating costs. Machinery manufacturer dealers or service persons should near you so that the anytime service need can be fulfilled. Maintenance costs should be lower as compared to other competitive machinery manufacturers. Compare the financial benefits of the manufacturer who give you more benefits in terms of advance and credit.  

7. Brand and Model

 Select brand and model that is most demanded in the market because if in future if you need to rent it out so you get the good rental income from your heavy equipment. Out of the many models and brands take care of the resale value also of equipment. Is there any policy of buyback from the manufacturer if not then ask to have it before finalizing the equipment. Compare the model of 2 or more brands with the same capacity as Hitachi Ex 210 & Komatsu PC210.

8. Availability of Spare Parts

Do spare parts are easily available for your constriction equipment? If spare parts are not easily available in the market will cost you in the future and it can stop your working project site and impact on your income. The single seal of a cylinder can stop your whole project site work.  

9. Economic life of Construction Equipment

The economic life of the machine will give you recover the cost as per the financial as well as the market value. Be clear with economic life until when the machine gives you income and also consider the resale value of the machine.    

10. Unit Cost of Production

Be clear with a unit cost of production so you have an idea what charges you should ask when you have a contract per cubic based project. Project-based work give more benefit as compare to rental base. Before you buy any of the equipment ask for sale a person per hour maintenance cost of equipment. Like JCB operating cost per hour is 42 rupees. The same all other equipment has its own unit cost of production.

Whether construction equipment or any other equipment factor affecting selection of construction equipment processes will more or less the same. So clear with all points if doubt on someone please ask in below comment box.  

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