Hire charges are difficult to get from the market from rental companies without a quote. Hirer companies looking to hire construction equipment. So it’s not easy to get an exact rate of construction machinery.

There are many factors affecting in equipment hiring rate some are the below and we try to give you some basic idea of equipment monthly rates in the below table.

Factors affecting changes in the rental rate of heavy equipment.

1. Over demand against supply

Wherever machine demand higher then the supply of course rate will always impact the rental. Suppose the Non-industrial area someone requires lifting machine. The rate will be higher as compared to the industrial area rate. Where easily lifting equipment is available.

2. Area wise monopoly

Some area local rental companies have a monopoly regarding equipment rental rates. Local people make the cartel and fix the price according to the kind of equipment available. like in Gujarat jhagadia is the place where local rate and local people only operate in that area. The same many examples will you get in the mining area Jharkhand, Orissa also.

3. Uniqueness of Machine

The uniqueness of machines in that area. A bridge construction going on an interior area where a concrete pump is not available. Then apart from the transport rate hiring rate also goes higher. So availability in that area also depends.

4. Type of Machine

Material hoists generally purchased by the construction contractor for their own use. They don’t hire generally Material Hoist or Passenger Hoist. If in urgent building contractor looking to hire material hoist in non-metro cities will be difficult to get the equipment.

5. Transportation cost of Equipment

Transportation cost and distance also important in the rental rate factor. If construction equipment required in Nagaland or Meghalaya area for road construction. Of course, the transportation cost will be there.

6. Maintenance service availability

Many places in Uttarakhand and Jammu Kashmir difficult to get the fuel also. Where maintenance and other costs of course increase. According to that machine, the hiring rate gets changed.

7. Time Period

Are you looking for hour basis, monthly basis, Quarterly and yearly apart from that many hiring are project basis. In that project work order has been given to the party and they need to complete it in time duration assign.

Above mentioned points clearly state the reason of rental rate of construction equipment.

Hiring Rates of Heavy Equipment

Excavator monthly rental rate (20 ton)2,00,000/- INR (Transportation will be Extra)
Backhoe Loader (JCB) monthly rental rate90,000/- INR
Backhoe loader hourly hiring charges850-900/- Per hour (Fuel Owner’s Scope )
Excavator monthly rental rate (45 ton)8,00,000/- INR (Transportation will be Extra)
Hydra monthly rental rate 45,000/- INR
Forklift monthly rental rate55,000/- INR
3 Ton Loader monthly rate1,50,000/ INR
Soil Compactor monthly rental rate1,15,000/- INR
Motor Grader monthly hiring rate2,10,000/- INR
Transit Mixer monthly rate1,10,000/- INR
construction equipment monthly rental rates

if you are looking for heavy equipment on rental please take 4 to 5 quotes from a different location. Still, their many types of equipment is available in the market.

Looking to rental business please check rental income business.

Construction Equipment rental charges
Construction Equipment rental charges

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