Sany is one of the leading manufacturers of the excavator. Sany has the world’s largest excavators’ assembly line production base. The company produces more than 27 types of excavators in a different capacity. 8 ton to 750-ton capacity excavator company manufacture.

Sany holds many titles in the construction equipment manufacturing industry. Sany is the world’s largest concrete machinery manufacturer and China’s first number construction equipment manufacturing company.

Company has built 25 manufacturing plants, 8000 suppliers and exporting the machine in more than 150 countries.

The company produces all kinds of Heavy Equipment.  Company manufacturer the Concrete machinery, poclain, Crane, Piling Rig, Road Machinery, Port Machinery, Port Machinery, Wind Turbine, Mining Machinery, Petroleum drilling Machinery.

Company leading in excavator manufacturing so we will let you know about the price of Sany excavator in India.

Sany Excavator Price of 2020 (poclain Price)

We will let you know the most running excavator model in India.

SY365H Excavator Price35 Ton96,20,000 Lakh INR
SY240C Excavator Price24 Ton 68,75,000 Lakh INR
SY220C Excavator Price22 Ton 59,49,000 Lakh INR
SY210C Excavator Price21 Ton 53,65,000 Lakh INR
SY140C Excavator Price14 Ton 44,69,000 Lakh INR
SY85C-9 Excavator Price8 Ton 30,38,000 Lakh INR
Sany Excavator Price in India (poklane price)

We have given you the price of almost all running models including Mini Excavator. Almost all excavators have the Cummins engine. Sany excavator manufacturing plant located in Pune, Maharashtra.

Apart from above-given price variation may come due to different requirements in an excavator. Above price are for standard excavator. If you looking for an AC excavator then you need to pay around 1 lakh rupees extra also for long reach boom you need to pay extra.

Some of the competitor excavator manufacturers in India are Liugong, JCB, Hyundai, Tata Hitachi, Doosan. All this brand excavator pricing will more or less near around to your budget.

Sany has a good dealer, spare parts & service network in India. You may choose this excavator according to your requirement.

Sany Excavator Price in India
Sany Excavator Price in India

We will do technical specification review in the future for all poclain models on the same so stay visited website.

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