A Global manufacture of excavator and loader crane attach with new KSB Series hydraulic breaker.  It is manufacturer based on Italy –based of demolition, excavation, recycling.

Kinshofer was expanded new line excavator attachments with KSB series capacity of hydraulic breakers for 5 to 12 ton excavators.

The KSB-Series incorporates eight models capacity at 5-to 12-ton excavators. The littlest unit, the KSB 1, weighs 155 lbs. and can finish 900 to 1,100 blows for each moment with 207 ft.lbs. Of vitality per blow. The KSB 12 is the biggest in the arrangement at 1,191 lbs. with 600 to 800 blows for every moment at 1,696 ft. – lbs.

“With the expansion of the KSB-Series, Kinshofer now has more alternatives to enable clients to discover the connections that fit the individual needs of their tasks,” said Francois Martin. It is lightweight breakers gives our clients greater flexibility with what ventures they can take on without giving up the quality and wellbeing they’ve generally expected from Kinshofer.

All type of models in the KSB-Series is manufactured as a single piece without tie rods. The monobloc design are reduces maintenance and improve productivity. The KSB framework builds capacity to the machine and lessens weight on the excavator arm in hard shake or troublesome breaking circumstances by utilizing vitality created by cylinder bounce back to expand strike control. The primary downside to nitrogen inertial vitality recuperation frameworks is the requirement for incessant refills. Be that as it may, Kinshofer’s KSB-Series breakers include 300 percent longer nitrogen charge life of the utilization of extraordinary fixing rings on the drifting help.

Kinshofer breakers are designed by transmitting frame, increasing operator comfort. The KSB’s monobloc configuration additionally decreases noise levels amid activity because of the fixed packaging and soundproofing material. The low commotion level decreases interruption and is perfect for activity on employment locales with exacting clamor laws, for example, those close clinics and in urban zones. The breakers are likewise decreased; improving visibility and safety during use in troublesome regions, for example, close dividers.

The KSB monobloc are design and safety more important the kinshofer’s core values. The company 2 – year guarantee about customer service quality.

Kinshofer KSB series of the some features:

  • They have more power, less vibration and maintenance capacity.
  • It is Long-lasting nitrogen: 300% improvement in gas retention.
  • Tubes are completely protected tubes through the casing.
  • Hydraulic system for blank firing.

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