if you opened this page might be you looking for the Hydra Machine for that you are searching about the hydra price, Specification, reviews. we give you a brief about the 14 ton ACE Hydra Crane.

First About the ACE Company 

ACE company’s full name is Action Construction Company limited. This company today existed due to hydra only because this company has a 72% market share in the 14 Ton Hydra segment. This is product is their favorite product apart from the hydra they also dealing in various products like tower crane, backhoe, compactor. loader, crawler crane, forklifts.

The ace company also deals in the rental business in tower crane, compactors, motor grader. if you don’t want to purchase the equipment then you can hire also from them.

 Let me tell you about the ACE Hydra Crane 14XW Ton

ACE manufactures 14 Tons Pick-n-Carry which are widely used throughout the engineering, construction, and infrastructure industry. These machines are used for loading, unloading, moving, shifting, and erection material. This product is one of the most used products in the industry.

The major part of hydra is boom size

You find different boom sizes in 14-ton hydra crane – 36 feet, 42 feet, 52 feet in the market, customer buy according to their need. In boom size also most running product is 52 feet. if you are looking for the 42 feet boom we will suggest going for the 52 feet because both of them price difference is around Rs. 30,000  INR but it worthwhile to invest that amount for future business.

12.90 Meter boom you will get the 3 part boom while in 15.5-meter boom you will get the 4 part boom. The earlier company provides the rope-based boom extension now company giving the boom extension cylinder.

Technical Specification of 14WX Ton Hydra Crane  

DetailsTechnical Specification
Engine Power48 BHP (36KW) at 2200RPM
Transmission6 Forward 2 Reverse
Lifting Capacity14 Ton
Hydraulic SystemFour Spool Control Valve
TyreFront – 11X20 16PR (4 Nos.)
Rear – 13X24 12PR (2 Nos.)
Electrical System
75 AMP Hr. battery.
Air Cleaner – 0.75 ltr
Engine – 8 ltr
Fluid Capacity
Fuel Tank – 50 ltr
Hydraulic Tank – 125 ltr
Transmission – 57 ltr
Top Speed28 KMP with load
Hoist4 falls of 13 mm dia rope
Hydra 14 Ton Specification

Hydra Machine Crane Load Chart

ACE hydra load chart
ACE hydra crane load chart

You may ask dealer according to your requirement specification like the tyre of different size, brands also can change some will give you the local tyre hydra if you ask for international brand tire totally your choice.

Same as in the hoist company provide 2 & more company hoist. Which company hoist like you can ask for the same as per your local mechanic & hoist company services availability.

Rope size also is available at different variant but you need to pay the extra cost for that.

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Let finally talk about the Hydra Crane price.

          = Rs. 13,80,000/- lakh INR (including GST) for 52 feet hydra crane (Standard Rate)

Price may vary dealer to dealer due to transport costing from state to state. for 36 feet & 42 feet price will decrease around 30000/- on a lower version of the boom. its diesel consumption goes up 4 litres per hours at working on-site or road.

ACE 14-ton hydra is available only in India apart from this company also manufactures 12 Ton (12XW), 11 Ton Hydra, 16 Ton (16XW), 30 Ton Hydra Machine. You may find the more or less configuration in Escort crane also. Escort is the first pioneer company to produce hydra Machine and pick carry Crane in India.

This is all about what to buy in 2020. Every brand it owns advantages and disadvantages. You will find it below about the Action Construction Hydra Machine Crane


Easily available spare parts. (In Chinese spare also)

Easily mechanic available.

Widely known brand among the rental companies.

Hydra Price & Spare parts are cheaper compared to other brands.

Cons –

The final lending price too flatulates change customer to customer.

Not recommended for the end-user. (Those who are looking for personal use) (due to strength reason)

After-sale support is weak. (but due to the local parts & mechanic availability customers prefer it.)

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