First, we will clear what is the JCB Tractor or Tractor JCB. As such, no tractor has launched by the JCB Company in India but outside India, JCB manufactures the Fastrac tractor. JCB brand is so much famous that mounting of backhoe and loader on tractor also called the JCB Tractor. The public-use it in their terms just to make it understand others. so we will also use this word in our article.

JCB made such a good brand in India that even any brand backhoe loader also get pronounced JCB. JCB is the highest seller of backhoe loader in India.

By attaching the loader and backhoe on the tractor manufacturer make the tractor backhoe loader. The tractor backhoe loader is just mechanical changes as other attachments we use for farming purposes. Same way mechanical companies made other tractor attachment.

Tractor Front end loader means on the tractor a hinged mounted on the front end pair of jointed arms along with a bucket and it used for scooping, loading, unloading, earth, gravel, debris, etc.

None of the tractor manufacturers provides tractor backhoe loader. You need to fix it from outside. There is some renowned brand in the market. They provide the chassis, backhoe; loader attachment, and get assembled in there on-premises. All Customers need to provide their own tractor for backhoe loader mounting. Attachment Manufacturers just assemble on a tractor.

In this tractor backhoe loader, three variants are available. Manufacturer of backhoe loader assigned it in three types:

Mini Tractor Backhoe Loader

Mini Tractor backhoe loader
Mini Tractor Backhoe Loader image

Agriculture Tractor Backhoe Loader

Tractor backhoe loader/Tractor JCB
Tractor backhoe loader/Tractor JCB image

Commercial Tractor backhoe loader

Commercial Tractor backhoe loader Images
Commercial Tractor backhoe loader price Images

Mini tractor means the tractor below 25 HP & 25 HP to 50 HP they cater in agriculture tractor rest above 50 HP tractor assigned into the commercial tractor. This is how the company segments the backhoe loader.

If you are looking for the JCB tractor first need to identify the specific work which needs to perform by the tractor loader. All tractor loader and backhoe dump height are different so before buying you need to tell your specific requirement to the manufacturer.

A manufacturer can mount backhoe loader on any running brand tractor. Be it Sonalika Tractor, Mahindra Tractor, John Deere Tractor, New Holland Tractor, Kubota Tractor. You need to give advance notification to the backhoe loader manufacturer.

Manufacturer of Tractor Backhoe Loader

We will give you a brief about the leading branded tractor loader manufacturer only. There are many local manufacturers in every state but we can’t trust the quality of the product & in terms of mechanically also.

So always go for the branded tractor already have the demo & fully test of a tractor backhoe loader.

Bull Machine

Bull Machine Coimbatore, Tamilnadu based leading manufacturer of tractor attachment in India. From more than the 3-decade company providing service in India as well as exporting to more than 30 countries worldwide. This is the only company whose tractor attachment you will find in any state in India and really you can believe in their manufactured products.  

The company provides more than 40 kinds of attachment for a different purpose. The company has the dealer system so you will find it spare parts and related service at your site.  

Kamdhenu Engineering Company

 Kamdhenu engineering Nashik, Maharashtra based company also manufacturer various attachments. Their product includes the backhoe, loader, hole diggers, Scissor lifts, Fixed type loader. You may also go to this company product.

Apart from this above two other local good manufacturers also available. Please checks the material they used and implication of attachment go for it.

Price of (JCB Tractor) Backhoe Loader in India

Price is variant from manufacturer to manufacturer and location wise also. The factor affecting is the quality of products. Transportation of material from the manufacturing plants. Profit margin, Dealer based model. Local Manufacturers prices will be changed according to the area.

Mini Tractor Backhoe Loader Price 4,34,000 lakh including GST
Agri Tractor Backhoe Loader Price5,42,000 lakh including GST
Commercial Mini Tractor Backhoe Loader Price8,75,000 lakh including GST
JCB Tractor Price in India

This above rate is the standard rate of a branded tractor backhoe loader. A different attachment like a dozer, sugarcane loader, cotton loader, mini dozer, Ultra loader has different rates. For that, you need to get in touch with the manufacturer.

JCB Tractor Video

JCB Tractor Video

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JCB Tractor Uses

JCB Tractor used in Batching Plants, Farming activity, Small Crusher Plant, Poultry Farm, Nagar Palika small activity. In short, digging, trenching, loading, unloading, dozing, grabbing, grading, spreading kind of small work can be done.

This all about the Tractor backhoe loader & JCB Tractor. Your comments are welcome.

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