Many of you are searching for the small construction equipment used in the Construction Industry to start the equipment rental business but you might not find the right things. You might find the tools used in the construction of buildings or tools help for creating infrastructure. So the question comes in mind how to start the equipment rental business? What will be the profit? What is the equipment costing? Which is the equipment with which we start the business?

You might also look for the small construction equipment which you can purchase and let it out. For getting some rental side income. we will here let you where you can invest your small saving amount and can earn the rental income as a side business.

You might be thinking which is the equipment through which we can start the rental business. So first always think about the investment because construction equipment requires heavy investment. So here we suggest you below some small construction equipment with that you can start a rental business full time or as a side income.

Benefits of small rental equipment business

We suggested here in which you can easily get the funding and even the crises time you may not face the EMI pressure from banking. So start with a low investment amount. Always try you own money in equipment. Try to minimize the banking fund so it will not create business pressure on easily move your business.

We have listed some of the unique equipment where you will find less competition as compared to other construction equipment rental business. They also need less investment.

you can check below listing equipment and their uses with image:

Steer Skid Loader

Steer Skid loader one of the compact construction equipment used for the material movement. Why we name it to steer skid loader because it does not have a steering system, they are fixed, straight relative to the body of the machine. it’s used in multiple works with attachment and one of the famous equipment all over the world. you will easily get it everywhere.


CAT, Bobcat, Bull, Terex, JCB, Hyundai, Deere, CASE

it can be used with multiple attachments. Auger, Fork, Sweeper, Backhoe, Bucket Grapple, Fork Grapple, Pallet Grapple Extra. please see the below image.

Steer Skid Loader Small Construction Equipment
Steer Skid Loader (Equipment rental business)

Mini Excavator

Mini Excavator also used in the construction industry but you can consider it as small construction equipment because it also used at multiple places worldwide. Some use it heavily where the country is machine intensive and Labour intensive countries use it less because labors are cheaper than a machine.

If you go deeper about the specification then you will find that this machine will available in 2 ton 8-ton capacity. Many construction equipment manufacturers produce it. some of them: CAT, JCB, Deere, SANY, Hyundai, Hitachi, Kubota, Yanmar.

Mini excavator
Mini Excavator (Equipment rental Business)

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Walk-Behind Roller

Walk-behind Roller (Padfoot Drum roller) is a vibratory roller are designed for the compaction of soil and Asphalt. it generally used for the small construction sites where work is small. Like the construction of garden and pitch. it has its limited use. You can find the many international brand manufacturers are producing. Walk-behind roller used the weight of the vehicle and vibration to compress the surface being rolled.

Brands available:

Wacker Neuson, Atlas Copco, Dynapac, JCB

Walk behind Roller Images
Small Construction equipment Walk behind Roller Image

Vaibratory Tamping Rammer

Vibratory tamping rammer is two types installed in an excavator for rock breaker and other rammer used for compaction of asphalt and soil. These rammers operate with the battery, diesel. This vibratory rammer invented by Hermann in 1930. This kind of small construction machine used at construction sites. Different varies are available battery, 2 stroke rammer, 4 stroke rammer.


Wacker Neuson, Mikasa, Masalta, Honda, Many local brands available in their own region.

Small Machine Tamping rammer
Small Construction Equipment Vibratory Tamping rammer

Light Tower

The LIght tower also one of the important construction equipment used at many construction sites. You will astonish knowing that it also manufactured by some of the leading construction equipment companies worldwide. The light tower used even in mining places where temporary mining needs to do. Road construction sites where construction moves on simultaneously according to requirement.

One great thing is that it operates through diesel and any interior place can be used. This also one of the small construction machines through this company or guys have rental income.


Magnum, Terex, Wacker Neuson, Ingersoll rand, Allmand, Baldor, Mobilight.

light tower image
Small Construction Equipment Light tower

There are many construction equipments available in the market and the list goes on. it depends upon how we utilize it. Small Construction equipment is very good to start the rental business. If you know more equipment than you can comment on us in the below section and we will make it a long list in the listing.

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