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Bull belongs to 54 year AV group which has diversified business in India. The bull is known for the Bull tractor attachment. it’s only the company who only supply the tractor attachment in all over India & foreign. None of the Indian or international brands can compete in tractor attachment.

AV Group headed by AV Varadharajan. Bull Machine Managing director is V. Parthiban. The company started construction equipment manufacturing from 2011. The first product they launched 60 HP backhoe loader in 2011 EXCON Bangalore. After that many brands come in the market and went but bull still fighting with international brands like CASE and JCB.

In 2013 Company launched the Bull HD 76 backhoe loader machine against JCB 3dx. In 2015 the company launched 100 HP Backhoe loader that model company generally export to more than 28 countries in the international market. In 10 years the company has to spend money on research and development to make it competitive to international brands. Bull Backhoe loader is now supplied in more than 40+ countries.

Products and Models

  • Bull Smart Loader (60HP)
  • Bull Smart Backhoe Loader (60HP)
  • Bull HD Loader (76HP)
  • BUll HD 76 (76HP)
  • Bull HD 96 (96HP)
  • Bull HD 96 Loader (96HP – Crusher King)
  • Bull HD 100 (100HP)
  • Steer Skid Loader (AV490)

Almost all Model have 2WD & 4WD Machine.

Backhoe Loader Technical Specification

We will discuss the more about the Bull HD 76 Product because it’s the most running and competing products against any other company backhoe loader So technical specification will be for HD76 machine.

Engine Company provides the Kirloskar 1040 4 Cylinder BS III Engine which most common in backhoe loader.
Transmission Transmission will be from the Carraro brand
AxlesAxles will be the same brand from Carraro brand
Pump Pump from Casapa Brand
ControlValveCompany use Hydro (Italy) Control Valve
BrakeDanfoss Braking System
Bull backhoe loader Specification


We compare the majorly changes which can impact the customer decision making.
  • Let start with weights. Bull has 500 KG more weight than the JCB 3dx Backhoe loader. Bull Weight is 7850 KG while JCB weight is 8160 KG. So the Bull machine gives you the more breakout power force which gives you more power to operate as compare to the JCB 3dx.
  • JCB has its own JCB brand Engine while Bull uses the Kirloskar brand Engine. In the market, both types of customers are available in the market because they have their own choice but maximum users are going for the Kirloskar engine. Kirloskar engine spare parts are easily available in the market & its maintenance is cost-effective. so it totally depends upon the buyer what they like.
  • As far as we talk about the transmission JCB used their own manufacturer transmission in their backhoe loader in 3dx while Bull Machine uses the Carraro transmission. which is one of the leading & branded players in transmission manufacturing. Apart from the bull, you may also find the Carraro transmission in CASE, Manitou, and Mahindra backhoe loader.
  • In the same way, JCB uses its own manufacturer axles, and bull used Carraro axles.
  • The hydraulic pump used by the Bull is the Casapa & JCB use parker brand hydraulic pump.
  • Bull has more ground clearance then JCB Backhoe loader.
  • All Hydraulic cylinders are the 3-4 inches thicker compare to the JCB 3dx backhoe loader. Which gives you more speed during operation.
  • JCB has good resale value as compared to the bull machine and easily available all spare from dealer or aftermarket while bull doesn’t have so you need to buy it from the dealer only.
  • Bull HD76 Backhoe is cheaper as compare to JCB 3dx price.
JCB Vs Bull Machine Backhoe laoder
JCB Vs Bull Machine Backhoe loader

Bull BS4 Price 2022 in India

Bull HD 76 2WD backhoe loader Price 30.50 lakh
Bull CH 49 2WD Backhoe loader Price 28.50 lakh
Bull 49 CH Smart Loader Price 22.13 Lakh
Bull 76 HP Loader – Crusher King27.25 lakh
Bull backhoe loader Price in India

The above bull JCB price given may change dealer to dealer due to the transportation, Insurance, RTO Exp state to state wise. Again above Price given including GST.


Bull JCB backhoe loader overall one of a good deal for the customer has a local dealer near you. So you will not face spare parts crises in the future. Or if you are a brand lover not looking for 2-3 lakh due to the brand then you may go for the JCB 3dx Model and Bull machine one of them made in India product and brand with 10 years develop with many Research and development.

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Bull Machine Video review

Bull backhoe Loader Video review

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