Top 5 Biggest Heavy Equipment in the world

Now a day, In Industry requirement is largest machine and equipments introduced on earth. The industries found more and bigger machine introduced as trucks, excavator, and wheel excavator.

So let’s see top 5 biggest equipments for the all time, which we have never imagined it.


  1. Liebherr R 9800 Excavator


Liebherr R 9800 is the Mega Earthmover excavator. The R9800 Large scale mining excavator equipped with two 16 cylinder engine providing with the 2000 horsepower providing faster loading cycles. That machine weight at around 1785700 pounds with the 62 cubic yards.

The R 9800 Excavator work on based two versions of diesel drive systems. Normally users can choose Cummins or MTU as their for preferred engine partner.

Liebherr components ensure the best encouraging optimal performance and most effective machine operation. The Liebherr Mining Training System provides blended training sessions for operator and maintenance staff to encourage productive, cost-effective and safe mining operation.


  1. Komatsu D575A-3 Dozer


The Komatsu D575A-3 Super dozer is used for mine sector in US, Canada, Australia. That machine standing height 16 feet, longer at 41 feet and 24 feet wider. The Super dozer is the turbo loader; drawer air cooled 12 cylinder diesel engines with the 1150 horsepower. The komatsu D575A-3 can work blade size of a three car garage, with the own weight at 350000 pounds in load.

The heavy dozer blade which weighs over 22,000 lb is 24’3″ wide and reaches a height of almost 11′ .The D575 Super dozer is 38’5″ long from the front of the blade to the end of the ripper.


  1. Terex RH400 Excavator


The Terex RH400 world the largest excavator weight is 1078 tons and shovel capacity at 94 tons in a single scoop. That equipment powered by two 16 – cylinder diesel engine with the maximum power output 4400 horsepower at 1800 rpm. It is Referable Bucket capacity at 58.9 yd3.


  1. Liebherr T 282B Dump Truck


The Libherr T282b Launched Largest hauls truck at 2004. The maximum operating weight is 592 tons. That equipment has 14.5 meter longer, 7.4 meter height and wheel base at 6.6 meters. That model 90 liter diesel engines with the 3650 horsepower.

This technology utilized efficiency and maintenance free diesel-electric technology, with the ac induction motor for the rear axle, computer controlled power with the engine mounted generator available.


  1. Hitachi EX8000-6 Excavator

The EX8000 Excavator large mining shovel and it is delivers arm crowding, breakout force and horsepower. It is high visibility of the nine- meter cab height provides the work site, even when loading the largest trucks. The control for the arm/bucket rolls in and roll-out with the improve controllability and extend servicing life.

That Excavator large bucket capacity has been shaped specifically to enhance scooping and loading operations. It is sharp tilt angle helps boost operating efficiency.

That are Hydraulic excavator high cab at 9.9m, with 8.65m wide undercarriage and the max digging at 20.5 m. Hydraulic excavator has bucket capacity is 45m3 and shovel capacity at 40m3.