JCB India Ltd. is one of the prominent names in the construction equipment world in India. Every person knows the JCB Machine brand who anyhow to attach to the construction industry. Here we will let you know all about the JCB Price in 2022.

Here we get to know a little bit about JCB as we deep about JCB Models & their prices and costing. JCB is the United kingdom brand. In 1979 Company started its venture in India with the name JCB India Pvt. Ltd. Let me tell you the full form of JCB. JCB’s name actually kept on the owner’s name who started this company in the UK. JCB means J.C. Bamford Excavators, United Kingdom.

JCB Full Form

JCB Full form is Joseph Cyril Bamford. He is the founder of the company

Manufacturing Plants

JCB India right now in 2021 has four plants in India. In Ballabgarh near Delhi, Pune, Jaipur, and very recently they going to start the plant in halol in Gujarat. JCB India manufacturer all construction equipment in India. They don’t import any equipment for the Indian market even they export the equipment to other international markets, especially the Asian market and Africa market. So today India is one of the main markets in their portfolio.

JCB Machine BrandPrice
JCB 3dx Plus BS4 Price (75 HP)33,50,650/- without GST
JCB 3dx Eco Xpert (49 HP)30,75,000/- without GST
JCB 3DXL BS 4 Price26,42,000/- without GST
JCB 430 ZX Price42,45,800/- without GST
JCB 4dx BS IV Price29,74,900/- without GST
JCB 530-110 Price24,50,000/- without GST
JCB 530 -70 Price21,24,000/- without GST
Lift all Hydra Price13,35,000/- without GST
Excavator Price45 Lakh to 55 Lakh
JCB Tandem Roller Price27,45,000/- without GST
Robot 135 Skid Loader Price 25,35,000/- without GST
VMT 115 Soil Compactor Price24,50,000/- without GST
JCB BS4 Engine Price list

JCB Price for all Models

We have given you the latest JCB price and other costs that give you the whole idea of all model JCB Machine Price.

JCB 3dx plus Price – 29,50,650 INR Lakh without GST this price is for BS4 latest Engine

One of the most running products of the JCB brand. Maximum sold the product. Available in 4 variants. JCB 3dx, Excellence, Eco Excellence, Super Eco Excellence. All prices are different up to the 2 lakh INR.

All over the world, JCB Machine sold out 7,50,000 units of backhoe loader in 2021. All over India more the 750 dealers and touchpoints for service.

But BS4 Engine gives you more power compared to any other BS3 engine with the same capacity. Apart from this JCB also launched the 49 HP backhoe loader but for that machine, we got a review from the market that this machine only works best in the backhoe but in the loader, it’s not successful as the 76 HP. If you have the more digging kind of work then you also prefer the 49 HP BS3 Engine machine. yes, you will have too many savings on fuel. As you know fuel prices are in rocket mode.

After an update in BS 4 Engine in all construction equipment price increase by 3.5 lakh average for above 50 HP engine. So please check the latest price with your local dealer and get the best price.

JCB 3DX Xtra Backhoe Loader price
JCB 3dx Price BS4 | JCB Price in India 2020

Buy Used JCB Machine

JCB 2dx Price – 24,75,000 INR Lakh without GST

2dx is one of the cheaper backhoes in their range. its engine is only 59 HP. So wherever you required very low operation with low weight material can be operated. It’s generally used for low-weight material but very few people prefer it. it’s not worth investing in 2dx better to buy the 3dx that will result orientated.

Much better in many situation like jcb rental business income, result-oriented, efficiency, resale price.

JCB 2dx
JCB 2dx Price | JCB Price in India 2021

JCB 3DXL Price – 19,35,000 INR Lakh without GST

3DXL is the loader which only backhoe loader model in their product portfolio. If anyone wants the loader they have only one choice. JCB 3dxl is small loader that only work in loading and unloading material

It better to buy bull 60 HP Loader as compared to JCB 3dxl. In JCB Brand only backhoe loader are successful. Just due to the easily available spare parts and resale value of machine.

JCB 3DXL Wheeled Loader price
JCB 3DXL Wheeled Loader Cost | JCB Price in 2021

JCB 430ZX Price – 42,45,800 INR Lakh without GST

JCB 430XL is the 3-ton wheel loader in his segment. Yes, they upgraded this model with 432ZX. You may not find the 430ZX wheel loader right now.

JCB 432ZX loader is more sold out product after HM 2021 of CAT. Due to good service and spares parts viability users buy it.

 JCB 430 Price Wheel Loader
JCB 430 Price Wheel Loader | JCB Price in 2021

JCB 4dx Price – 26,74,900 INR Lakh without GST

JCB 4dx is the latest launched backhoe loader. yes, its price is higher than the JCB 3dx but it depends upon you what you want to have. JCB 4dx is one of the upper models of in backhoe loader segment.

Very few users buy this machine its costing higher than the normal 3dx. it a more technical enable machine. Technology lovers generally buy this machine.

JCB 4dx Price Backhoe loader
JCB 4dx Price Backhoe loader | JCB Price in 2021

JCB 530-110 Price – 24,50,000 INR Lakh without GST

It is the 11-meter Telehandler. used for the material handling purpose where the buyer has to operate for a height dumping site. JCB Telehandler competing with Manitou and bobcat but due to running model JCB easily sale the telehandler.

Telehandler used to load the material at heightening location. Like hopper of batching plant or unloading or dumper, truck.

telehandler images 530-110
Telehandler Price 530-110 | JCB Price

JCB 530-70 Price – 21,24,000 INR Lakh without GST

it is also the telehandler but its boom height only 7 Meter while doesn’t have the butterfly legs so stability lower than the 11 meters.

JCB 530 – 70 telehandler is cheaper than the 530-110 because it boom only reached the 7-meter height. Butterfly leg gives more stability compared to normal telehandlers. This more prevalent in the market compare to the loader because of boom height.

Most important thing is that all spare parts in telehandler are the same as in JCB 3dx Backhoe loader. Transmission, Axle, Engine are same. So there is no issue of spare parts and service.

If you are looking to buy telelhandler for rental purpose then our suggestion to buy the bigger one. it always gives you business.

Telehandler 530-70
Telehandler 530-70 | JCB Price

Liftall Hydra Crane 1253 Price – 13,35,000 INR Lakh without GST

Liftall is the hydra of the JCB brand. The company has launched 2 models. 1253 (12 Ton ) and 1553 (15 Ton). Liftall company has launched this hydra to compete with the ACE and Escort hydra but unable to do so.

Customer not find stable and strength machine as compare the ACE hydra so company discontinue the product.

liftall images
JCB Price (Liftall Price images)

JS 200 LC JCB Excavator Price – 30 to 45 Lakh

JCB provide the excavator in different capacity JS140 (14 Ton) , JS205LC (20 Ton ), JS220 (20 Ton), JS30 (3 Ton), JS81 (8 Ton).

JCB Excavator is not so in demand as other brands. JCB is able to sell its excavator due to backhoe loader only. Dealers provide the clubbing scheme to customers so that they are able to sell the excavator. Though Company selling 20-ton excavator more as compare to mining and mini excavator.

While Hyundai and Sany are right now leading the Indian excavator market.

Excavator Price
JCB Price

JCB Tandem Roller Price – 17,45,000 INR Lakh without GST

JCB Tandem Roller one of the road construction equipment provided by the JCB India. The Roller brand is VMT 330. This tandem roller used by the medium scale civil construction contractor.

You may find the Tandem Roller in ACE And Escort.

JCB VMT 330 mini roller price
JCB Price (Mini Roller)

Robot 135 Price – 12,35,000 INR Lakh without GST

JCB Robot is the Skid loader. The company provides 135 and 155 Models for the customer. Company sale the Skid Steer loader for loader and unloading. JCB Robot is the 4 wheel drive machine. So this machine best suited for the premises constraint users.

Apart from the JCB, Manitou, Bobcat, Bull Manufacturer the Skid Steer Loader, and supply to customers in market.

You can use the Skid loader with many attachments like the Sweeper, backhoe, trenching, auger and able to do the multiple works. If you are going to purchase this machine then please ask the other skid loader manufacturer also.

JCB robot 155 skid steer Loader-price
JCB Price in India (robot 135 skid steer Loader-price)

VMT 115 Price – 24,50,000 INR Lakh without GST

VMT 115 Soil Compactor for a road construction contractor. In Roller company provide the Soil Compactor as well as the Vibratory Tandem Roller.

VMT Roller is one of the brand out of the many who manufacturer the Soil Compactor. Apart from JCB you may also find the Soil Compactor Escort, ACE, HAMM, Dynapac.

ACE and Escort are the national manufacturers while other all are international companies.

Soil Compactor
Mini JCB Price (Soil-Compactor-JCB-115-Price)

JCB Price are varies from dealer to dealer. So before buy the JCB machine. Ask for the Quote from the dealer with all costing brief. Like Registration Charges, Transportation Charges, Insurance Charges and other Cost.

As you can see we listed almost all major running products of JCB Price India. For any details and your comment into the below comment box. Please share the article on your social account.

JCB Price in India 2020
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