What exactly scissor lift does. Might be you have seen somewhere or used earlier somewhere or might someone suggested using the scissor lift rental to complete the assigned work. So you should always look for the scissor lift rental basis but before that, you need to consider some points that might affect your decision.

Still, many user try to avoid scissor lift use. Many countries are less in use of the scissor lift compared to developed countries are using. It also considers as construction equipment in the material handling segment.

Scissor lifts provide a mobile means of reaching areas that are very high and access is difficult to reach areas in order to perform work.

Scissor lift is the surface raised or lowered closing or opening with supports legs like the two halves a pair of scissors. Most of the time construction and maintenance work need to perform at height areas like repairs of structural activities, ceiling work.

How do scissors lifts operate?   

Scissors lift operates through electric batteries, Air compressors, gas, and fuel. So you may choose the kind of scissor lifts according to your work environment. Different fuel provides uneven power to lifts.

What helps you to finalize the scissor lifts on rental. Let’s check below points.

Ask scissor lifts specification

Ask rental companies what specification scissor lifts do have. Its operation way, fuel consumption, battery life, lifting height, working height, machine length, weight capacity. 

So it will clear you what exactly scissor do you need to perform your work smoothly. A wrong decision cost you a lot. Even you may ask rental companies or consultant that I have this kind of work which is the suitable scissor will be best to perform this task.

So be clear with your Scissor lift machine.

Strength of Scissor lift

The strength of scissor lifts is another factor you need to judge before finalizing anything. Whatever work you were going to perform. How much weight you were going to lift?

Always ask for higher capacity.  Suppose you have 1000 lbs works always ask for 25% higher capacity scissor lifts. So here you need the 1250 lbs capacity scissor lift for rent.

Does it full fill your work

Does really it fulfill your need after checked the specification because many times it happens that the same features perform differently in some situations. Light changing in parking through scissor lift maybe not required in glass changing on the third floor.

Does your machine work in outside the factory of premises in open area? Then you need to look according.  

History sheet of Scissor lifts

Ask for a history sheet from the owner so you clearly judge the machine working capacity. When an owner has done the servicing of the machine? When does repairing have done? Is the battery fully charges? All electrical instruments are working or not. When he changed all fluid? Guards and rails are sturdy and unrushed?

We know that it will in-depth details you were asking to scissor lift owner but it’s required because of its height work. In heightened work, life may be in danger. So be clear about that.

Scissor Lift Rental
Scissor Lift Rental

Scissor lifts Certification

Many companies or you can say almost all companies asking for the machine working condition certification. The user assured that the machine can perform the work and no harm from using it.

Many users don’t see the safety precaution they just want to perform the work anyhow. But don’t do that you need to confirm the machine capacity of performance.

Four-wheel drive gives better strength

As earlier already talk about the scissor lifts rental machine specification we have checked. Be sure that your work is to perform outside the plant, factory, or finished premises.

If you are going to perform inside then you may go for two-wheel-drive scissor lifts. If you are performing it outside the premises then better to go with the four wheels drive machine. That gives you better results and safety.

The platform should be strong

Here platform means the ground level should strong and the surface should be plain wherever you were going to operate the scissor lift rental machine. We need to clearly check the surrounding area and clear all possible hazards material. 

Operator Experience

The operator’s work should check. Many times the owner sends the new operator due to nonavailability and experienced operators. An experienced operator always ask for a higher salary that might be a reason to keep the new operator. That may be risky for the hirer company as well as the rental company’s staff and its machine.

So it’s our responsibility to check the operator experience by his driving license or asking some normal questions about safety. Does he receive the proper training of scissor lift rental operation?

Over Cost of Scissor lift rental

Before hiring scissor lifts confirm other expenses like supporting staff or operator cost. Who will wear the fuel costing? Transportation costs should be considered before finalizing the machine. Can you find the scissor lifts near me/you? Who can let you near around the machine so transportation costs will be less? 

Rental rate comparison

Always have 3-4 quotes from different companies and also different locations also. Many times the same location’s scissor lift rental companies make the cartel or pre-final rate. That is the loss-making deal for you. 

So it’s better to have the rate from other location also. 

This is all things you should know before hiring the Scissor lifts on rental. Even we would say any kind of aerial equipment required more or less the same kind of precautions.

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  1. Levi Armstrong

    I like that you said we should ask for a machine working condition certification when renting a scissor lift to be assured that it can perform efficiently without causing any harm. My dad and I are planning to start a construction materials company, and we’re planning to have a warehouse built in our two-hectare ranch. We’ll remember your tip once we start operations. Hopefully, in a few years, we can afford to buy our own customized mezzanine lift for the warehouse. Thanks for this!

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