JCB 3dx is one of the very common backhoe loaders in India. 3dx is one of the brands of JCB Company. They establish the brand in such a manner that other competitors’ company backhoe loader called JCB whether it’s CASE, L&T, or Bull Backhoe loader. So let’s brief about the JCB 3dx.

Brief about JCB

JCB India limited started manufacturing plants in 1979 with the joint venture of J.C. Bamford Excavators United Kingdom. Backhoe loader lunch is close to four-decade and right now they have launched 50 Construction equipment. JCB full form is JOSEPH CYRIL BAMFORD. Its name kept on its owner name who also invented is J.C. Bamford.

They have a factory in Bhallabgarh which is one of the largest backhoe loader factory in the world. In 2006/07 they have set up a manufacturing plant in Pune. In 2014 the company invested in the Jaipur in Rajasthan Recently 2019 company started manufacturing plants in Halol in Gujarat near Vadodara.  

Types of JCB 3dx Models

The company launched many models in the last four decades. They started with a normal 3dx model after that company launched many products with many changes with R&D.

JCB 3dx, 2dx, 3dx Excellence, 3dx Eco Excellence, 3dx Xtra Eco Excellence but right now only two models are there in the market in 2022. 3dx Eco Xpert and 3dx Eco Xpert Plus. It’s very difficult to know which one purchases out of this product. The company made this product so much identical that after reading the technical specification only you can identify the product that which one is 49 HP and 76 HP. Even many of the customers consider him 50HP Machine.

Which one prefer 49 HP or 74 HP?

After the company launched the BS4 machine price also hiked so much that customers are confused about which one to buy. 49 HP Price is less as compared to 74 HP around 3 lakh to 4 lakh. So customers generally prefer the 49 HP. Even the Company staff also insist to buy 49 HP but it totally depends on the kind of work you do. Due to price concerns never buy 49 HP. You may get another brand backhoe loader 75 HP at the rate of 49 HP. You consider them also.

If you are purchasing the machine for 80% backhoe bucket work then you can buy 49HP without any second thought. if you have 50-80% work with loader will suggest going for 74 HP. Especially for loading purposes never bought the 49 HP. Like RMC plants, Dammer plant, Crusher Plant.

For decades drivers are using the 76 HP machine and when they work with 49 HP machines. They feel low about the machine power because they run the 76 HP Machines. First-time buyers even don’t know there are two types of backhoe available due to the rate they prefer the 49 HP Machine. Never do that.

JCB 3dx Technical Specification

Engine JCB 448, naturally aspirated, 4 cylinder, water-cooled,
Diesel Engine, Displacement – 4.8 Liters, Gross Power – 56KW (76mph )@2200RPM
Transmission The JCB synchro shuttle transmission provides superb drive power in all conditions. It consists of a 4-speed, fully
synchromesh, smooth shift gearbox with integral torque converter and electrically operated reversing shuttle.
Axle Rear: Drive axle rigidly mounted, incorporates JCB Max-Trac torque proportioning differential, driven by short
prop shaft from gearbox.
Front: Steer axle, centrally pivoted, with oscillation angle of 16º.
BrakesTwo independently operable foot pedals enable machine
to maneuver in tight spaces.
Parking: Hand operated, disc brakes on rear axle input
Tyre Front : 9 x 16 – 16 PR
Rear : 16.9 x 28-12 PR
Weight 3dx – 7500 KGS, 3dx Plus – 7530 KGS
Hydraulic System Pressure Bar = 3300 3dx Pump flow = 2200RPM= 118
JCB 3dx Technical Specification

You have to check some basic details of JCB 3dx apart from the 3dx machine having other so many features that can check live. Still, their many brands are available in the market that customer needs to check because they are also no bad option. There are other brands that are like CASE, Manitou, Bull, Tata Hitachi Backhoe Loader is available.

So the customer needs to check the service parts availability. Dealer service review. The next question comes to mind which model need to purchase. it totally depends upon the kind of work the backhoe loader needs to do because all models have different pricing. One of the main running models is 3dx Excellence. As far as the pricing is concerned.

JCB 3dx latest Price

JCB 3dx 74 HP Backhoe loader on road Price = 32,75,000 Lakh including GST in India

Above price included the GST. Except Insurance, Transportation cost and RTO Expenses.

JCB 3dx 49 HP Backhoe loader on road Price = 30,05,000 Lakh including GST in India

Above price included the GST. Except Insurance, Transportation cost and RTO Expenses.

Pricing may change dealer to dealer or location-wise because of transportation costs from manufacturing plant to dealer location.

JCB 3dx backhoe loader dimensions

JCB 3dx Dimensions
JCB 3dx Dimensions

This page gives you some basic details of the JCB 3dx Backhoe loader Model. If more details required you ask in the comment box.

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