Tower crane is mostly used on the construction site. The construction site uses the tower crane at lift steel, concrete, large tools like acetylene torches and generators, and a wide variety of other building materials.

The Tower cranes are mainly used for transporting and lifting capacity from one place to another place. They have to use for mega construction, bridges, and the largest building construction site.

It was reducing the time and cost of manpower which have a direct impact on the schedule. It helps too many ways like shifting of steel from steelyard to all floor levels. Shifting of shuttering materials from floor to floor, and concrete pouring in ongoing floor levels. it considers as one of the types of construction equipment

Tower Crane
Tower Crane (Tower Crane Uses)

Based on the experience tower crane business, potain design and manufacture large crane used for the special application purpose:

1. Construction Dam:

The huge dams require elite pouring hardware to put both roller compacted concrete (RCC) or traditional cement in a brief timeframe. Construction dams also heighten and widen construction work. In construction, dam material move is another important part of all material that is heavy.

From 5 ton to 10-ton tower crane need to install to fulfill the dam construction requirement.

2. Construction Bridges:

One of the main consideration has bridge construction more important used for lifting height. As far as tower crane detail, this leads you to consider the main that will be required. We have a huge scope of frameworks from 1.2m right up to 5.5m wide. This is an expansive offering of comprehension of how to join them.

3. Civil Construction:

Normally lifting capacity of construction site material airports, train stations, dam construction used. This is advanced accessibility of the confined places of mini crane used for the construction site of famous facilities.

4. Residential construction:

For the high building, residential construction equipment has heavy material lifting from the outside and inside easily work done. Residential building requires the tower crane compulsory without that it’s tough to manage material handling work.

The high residential building also uses the material and passenger lift to manage the material but when you require to move the material from one building to another then its especially need for the tower crane.

5. Industry, plant, and Automation:

For the maintenance of equipment, line replaces and material handling capacity, we cannot available and places for enough space such that type place crane are used.

In Industry where heavy material need to lift from one location to another required the lifting equipment than company use the tower crane as a lifting material.

The company can use the tower crane inside or outside the plant it totally depends on the types of product company manufactures like steel, generator, transmission manufacturing used it frequently. if the distance not more than the company also use the overhead crane as an option.

6. Power Plant:

At power stations and substations where electrical cables are everywhere, electronic working extent limitation highlight keeps blasts from interfacing with electrical cables, so lifting works can be done securely.

Even in the construction of power plant tower crane use. Power plant chimney height is much more so construct the power plant chimney. You need to install the tower crane.

7. Railway:

Heavy material lifting and maintenance for the side of the railroad. In railway tower, crane size is small as compared to the use in building and other construction because here the main purpose of the tower crane is loading and unloading of material.

In railway tower crane fixed in wagon itself so wherever the wagon goes material load and upload with that tower crane. You can easily find the branded tower crane of XCMG, Potain, Palfinger.

Tower crane on railway
Tower crane on railway

8. Marine Construction:

It was the compact size and lightweight crane lifting works at coastal locations, shipyards, and board ships. For Marine Construction generally fixed kind of tower crane used because their material drop down around the marine and material load and construction work done easily by the tower cran.e

List of tower crane manufacturers. They also know for the construction companies:

Hitachi, Sumitomo, LInk-Belt, Kobleco, Terex, Potain, Sany, Zoomlion, Liebheer, Demag

Apart from these above tower crane brands still there many local companies are there who manufacturer the tower crane.

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