If we talk about the number of construction equipment manufacturers in India then the list might go above 1000 companies. India is one of the leading market for construction equipment companies apart from this due to low labour cost many of the international companies have set up their manufacturing plant & export hub in India. we introduce some of the best construction equipment manufacturing companies.

But we will list it here some of the best and highest selling construction equipment manufacturers. We will cater all segment of heavy construction equipment manufacturer that includes the lifting industry, mining industry, construction industry, road equipment industry.


JCB is one of the leading manufacturers of construction equipment and it retains its first position due to its backhoe loader. Company manufacturing from the last four decades in India. The company has four manufacturing plants in India. Its plants are in Faridabad, Jaipur, and Pune recently they started a new manufacturing facility in halol, Gujarat. JCB is the highest manufacturer and seller in the world of a backhoe loader. Crossed 7,50,000 backhoe loader production recently. It’s the brand stand only due to the backhoe loader only. JCB Livelink facility is very popular among the customers.

Yes, the company also manufactures the excavator, compactor, hydra, loaders but could not do well as other companies are doing in other equipment manufacturing.

JCB Manufacturer
JCB Manufacturer

TATA Hitachi

TATA Hitachi is on the second number in the construction equipment manufacturer list after JCB because JCB leads in backhoe while TATA Hitachi leads in Excavator. TATA Hitachi also servicing to the nation from the last 4 decades.

At starting Telcon started the construction equipment manufacturing plant in Jamshedpur (TATA Nagar) after that company has the tie-up with the Garman based Hitachi Company for technology exchanges. Then both having a good mutual understanding Hitachi has taken the stake in Telcon and they started the equipment production and branding with TATA Hitachi name.

TATA Hitachi leads its way due to the excavator. They manufacturer the first fully indigenous excavator in India.  From 8 ton to 800 Ton excavator company produce. So we kept it on the second number position on the list.

ACE (Action Construction Equipment)

ACE is not the leading company in the international market as other companies internationally doing good. ACE is an Indian company. The company started its manufacturing from the Hydra Machine Product in 1995. In a very short span of time, the company has grown very well.

Even they left behind Hydra pioneer manufacturing company Escort. The company leading in the Crane brand manufacturing but Today Company also leads in Tower Crane and Forklift market. Along with the Forklift and Hydra Company also manufactures the backhoe loader, Soil Compactor, Pick & Carry, Tower Crane, Motor Grader, Tractors, Piling Rig, and Crawler Crane, etc.  

The company recently received the CIA World Award 2020 for the best company in cranes and tower crane.


Hyundai Construction Equipment establishes 2007 its office in India. South Korea based company first started its business with excavator manufacturing and sales. They are successful in their decision and right now company deals in construction equipment excavator, wheel loader, Mining Excavator, Material handling equipment.  

The company leads to an excavator business. It’s in the second position in India excavator manufacturing, In 7 years, Till 2013 company sold out 5000 excavators and the next 5000 excavators they sold till 2015 only in 3 years in India. In 2018 Company sold the Next 10000 Excavator.

So this the fastest growing company in construction equipment business. Especially in excavator line of product.

L&T Construction Equipment

L&T Group is the conglomerate company. The company has much-diversified businesses in India and L&T Construction Equipment is one of them. L&T Group into the Indian construction equipment business from the last 3 decades. Over the years the company meets the standard of safety, reliability, and productivity.

The company started a manufacturing facility in Bangalore in 1975 with hydraulic excavators. The company has done technical collaboration from poclain France based company. So that still in India many users still says poclain to an excavator.

L&T Construction is the authorized distributor of Komatsu Limited, Japan for the Indian Market. Their product portfolio includes dozer, Wheel loader, Excavator, Motor Graders, Dumpers. Now the company started manufacturing road machinery without any international tie-ups. In that company produce the Road Roller & Wheel loader and bucket attachments.  

Apart from Komatsu Company also dealer for the Scania trucks, tippers that used for Mining purpose.   

CAT (Caterpillar)  

CAT is the leader in construction equipment manufacturers worldwide but in India CAT on the 5th position. The company has appointed two dealers in India. Gain well and Gmmco and both handle their own territory.

The company is unable to do well in India as compared to western countries. There are many reasons for that.

First is the late entry in India. Second, the pricing of a company is not so favorable that all product companies could not launch due to pricing policy and launched product pricing also high. Still, the company has made a position where the customer needs a quality product like a motor grader one of the branded products in India. Apart from that backhoe loader and dump truck also get success in market and Indian customers are using & reviewing very well.

So, in short, we can say CAT is successful in mining products as compare to road construction equipment.

These are some of the top or best manufacturing companies in India and sold the maximum product in the construction equipment Industry.

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